Governmental spy Alexander Litvinenko. Just ask Charles”Chip” Starnes,

Governmental rules, taxation regulations licensing and requirements are all obstacles to entrepreneurship. Most countries, the United States included, prescribe or permit market entry and the creation of new firms to protect incumbents in professions and businesses. Entry procedures, or”red tape,” vary such that entrepreneurs need one day to enroll an enterprise in one country and up to 20 weeks in another. Other obstacles to entrepreneurship are tax behaviour of authorities, lack of property rights and taxation disadvantages. Building a worker asset base is among the daunting and sometimes overlooked tasks. Entrepreneurs pick and must find the best-qualified employees who are prepared and motivated to grow with the venture. Then they must ensure the employees do not leave. The professors say this task becomes a barrier when employees’ expectations increases, governmental regulations is hardened, and employee costs grow. It has health care, workers’ compensation, social security tax, and health and safety regulations. Lack of market-augmenting and supportive governmental regulations function as a barrier. Russia leads all other big countries in having an unsupportive business environment because they lack rule of law, have poorly defined contract and property laws, enforce regulations , allow rampant corruption and bribing, allow regulatory authorities and inspectors to behave in a predatory character which consequently requires friendly ties with government officials and bureaucrats to smooth the way for companies to operate. China has issues. See the list where pictured is Russian dissident-businessman, Boris Berezovsky. Berezovsky was one of the Russian oligarchs who acquired wealth by taking control of state assets after the collapse of communism. He also has links to the Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. Just ask Charles”Chip” Starnes, who was recently held hostage by his own employees in a plant in China. It’s been widely reported that Starnes was held hostage. A plastic-injection-moulding division was being moved by starnes where production costs are lower. After being barricaded in the plant for nearly a week, Starnes reached an agreement to cover two months’ salary, totalling nearly $300,000, to the 97 employees.


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