Governors governors ? Co-Opted governors ? Authority governors

GovernorsThe governing body is made up of:? Parent governors ? Staff governors? Co-Opted governors? Authority governors ? Foundation, partnership and sponsor governorsParent governors are parents of current or past students. Staff governors consist of the Head teacher, who is automatically a governor, one teacher and support staff member. Co-Opted governors are members of the local community using their unique experiences and skills in running a business. Authority governors are nominated by the local authorities/councils. Foundation, partnership and sponsor governors represent the sponsors of the educational organisation. The governors meet at least three times a year to discuss the business interests and the developmental progress of the school.

During these meetings, new staff may be appointed, exclusions reviewed, meeting of parents as well as the management of Budgets, Targets and Objectives. Governors are not required to have an understanding of the education system as there is training available. Senior Management TeamSenior management teams are made from a combination of the following members:? Head teachers? Deputy/Assistant Head teachers? Heads of Year? Key stage Co-ordinators? Early Years Co-ordinators? SENCo – Special Education Needs Co-ordinators ? Heads of Department/SubjectThese team members are usually more experienced staff within the organisation. They meet up to make decisions regarding the running and management of the establishment, discuss any issues and plan how improvements can be made. They meet up regularly and then pass the relevant information onto the teachers and the support staff.

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Other Statutory RolesSENCo – Special Education Needs Co-ordinatorA SENCo’s main role is to provide support during the identification process of the pupil. They monitor the progress of their special educational needs (SEN) or disability, ensuring they have the relevant support to access the curriculum. SENCo’s also manage Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans for each pupil keeping them up-to-date and confidential. They work closely with teachers, support staff and parents to provide advice to support the pupil and their individual needs. Early Years Co-ordinatorsEarly year’s co-ordinators oversee the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) ensuring that all the staff in Foundation Stage has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. They monitor the development and progression of the EYFS Curriculum, maintaining the quality of teaching and learning and assisting with the smooth transition of pupils from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1.


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