Gravity anything that goes in space tends to

Gravity is the certain force by which everything on Earth is pulled down. So, scientists have done extensive researches which describe that occurring of most of the things in the world is certainly due to gravity. You must have seen many promotional films of space in which the astronauts are flying in the spacecraft or on moon.

Why it happens? Believe me they do not have super powers. It is all due to gravity. The gravity in space is less than what you expect on Earth that is why anyone or anything that goes in space tends to fly. Earlier these unnatural activities were termed as due to “zero gravity”. But there is no such thing as zero gravity. The gravity in space is less than that of Earth, so an environment is formed where the pull of gravity is small. And this is called microgravity.

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Humans are the most curious creature in the existence. We have only heard or seen many videos on the impact of space or the microgravity on humans, but the curiosity of the impact of microgravity on our ecology has lead to many experiments. Scientists want to learn the understanding of survival of living organism in ill-suited environment.


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