Gravity videos on the impact of space or

Gravity is the definite force by which everything on Earth is pulled down. So, scientists have done extensive researches which describe that occurring of most of the things in the world is certainly due to gravity. You must have seen many promotional films of space in which the astronauts are flying in the spacecraft or on moon. Why it happens? Believe me they do not have super powers. It is all due to gravity. The gravity in space is less than what you expect on Earth that is why anyone or anything that goes in space tends to fly. Earlier these unnatural activities were termed as due to “zero gravity”.

But there is no such thing as zero gravity. The gravity in space is less than that of Earth, so an environment is formed where the pull of gravity is small. And this is called microgravity.Humans are the most curious creature in the existence.

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We have only heard or seen many videos on the impact of space or the microgravity on humans, but the curiosity of the impact of microgravity on our ecology has lead to many experiments. Scientists want to learn the understanding of survival of living organism in ill-suited environment. To study the ecology in space, scientists chose plants as their subject. Plants are the prime subject for these experiments because only plants are living in unsuitable environment from the beginning. They do not get shelter for their growth, rather, they have been existing and growing and reproducing in even harsh environment where humans certainly cannot exist. They can do so, because they can change their internal environment whenever they want. They can even control their metabolism.

The experiment starts by landing of sleeping Arabidopsis seeds in Petri dishes with nutritive gel. This gel is placed in place in airiness and provides the plant with the necessary water and nutrients. These plants are then swaddled in a dark cloth, delivered to the Kennedy Space Center and carried into the Dragon capsule on top of the Falcon 9 missile that leaves to space.

As the missile reaches the space, the astronaut loads the cups into plant growing equipment. The light stimulates the seeds to unravel, the cameras constantly record the shoot germination process, and at the end of the experiment the astronaut collects 12-day plants and stores them in conservation tubes. When the plant is brought back to the Earth, the scientist starts their experiment with the sample and studies the distinctive metabolic process that has been adapted due to their stay in the microgravity. It came to know that the root ground which believed to require gravity for the growth, does not require it at all. It was due to repellents from the light which was considered as the indicator of root growth in the opposite direction from the leaves.

It turned out that, light is very important, however the root growth can also be the reason of light intensity gradient, then it will act as a valuable guide. Imagine it as a good smell: you can with closed eyes to find the source of the smell in the kitchen, if the oven is only opened with cookies, but if the house is equally drowned in the scent of chocolate chip cookies, you can hardly find it.


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