Grey important fact that you need to look

Grey Hounds were originally bred as hunting dogs to chase wild animals such as foxes, hare, deer etc. Greyhounds with their slim body and a height that varies between 68 centimeters to 76 centimeters can be referred to as the athletes among the dogs.

These runners can reach a full speed of 43mph, hence they are bred and trained for racing and hare/lure coursing.So are these sprinters good as home pets? Definitely!!!Greyhound is one of the most intelligent and obedient breeds of dog. They are very friendly and docile. The most important fact that you need to look into is, ‘They are highly sensitive’. So think before you rebuke him/her. Since his/her behavior is very child-like they are not aggressive towards strangers.

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So let’s look into tips and tricks on how to take care of a Grey Hound.? The Introductory Jitters: First thing you need to remember is your dog is new to you and your environment. She/He is yet to trust you. So, ensure that you take slow steps and be calm and assuring at all times. Always talk to her/him in soothing voices and give her/him the confidence that you are going to be there for her/him always. Slowly once you have gained her/his trust, you will start seeing his natural traits showing up, for instance: hiding your stuff or smiling at you which is a very natural thing for a greyhound to do. They are known to give out big smiles.? Diet: Grey Hounds are naturally thin.

So do not underestimate their lean physique to be underfed. You need to feed them twice a day with food that is enriched with proteins. If you have a greyhound puppy then feed them thrice a day and gradually reducing it to twice as they grow up and not more. It is better to feed a greyhound on a platform since their bowls must be raised.

Do not forget to give them their occasional treats. ? Exercise: Like we called out earlier, greyhounds are athletes hence fitness is a major point to look into. Exercise is not just a way to fitness but they also give you the bonding time with your pet.

They must be taken for walks at least thrice a day. One thing to keep in mind is that these dogs are runners and they do not know how to behave in a street initially. So have them on a leash which you must make sure is completely under your control.

Since they can get easily distracted and run off after smaller animals. ? Be the Master: One quality irrespective of the breed of dog is letting them know that you are the master. Appreciate him/her with words and gestures when he/she does the right thing. This way you are letting them know that doing certain stuff will make you happy and will always try to keep you happy. Since they are very sensitive you need to be careful in disciplining him/her. When he/she does something bad like peeing indoors or chewing stuff, all you have to do is lower your voice and tell him/her or what a bad boy/girl he/she has been. Leave them alone very much like you do with a kid to let them think it over.? Health: This is the most important aspect for every pet.

Even though greyhounds are known to be healthy pets you must always take him/her to regular health checkups since they are also prone to be sick.? Some additional Tips: • With a greyhound, you can bid all your worries about house training them. House training a greyhound is quite easy since this breed is extremely known for its obedience and docility.• Grey Hounds needs a bath only when he/she gets dirty since these dogs do not stink easily compared to other breeds. But regular grooming session like brushing and petting is necessary.

• They are very lazy hence like every couch potato they look for very soft, squishy and comfortable place to lie down. So ensure their bed is extremely comfortable and soft.


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