Group will identify individual of group member’s

Group project involve working together to complete a piece of assessed work. In future if I will have chance to lead a small workshop in group, I will manage our work and motivates staff.

In second step, share emails and telephone numbers to facilitate contact between members of group. It is proved very useful steps during group presentation. I will identify individual of group member’s skills, strengths and weaknesses. I will distribute responsibility amongst the group based on their skills of different group members which is most essential task that leader should do in group project. Make sure everyone understands the time scale and assessment of workshop. Establish regular meetings of the whole group to check progress of workshop and review action plans. Moreover, I will make notes to record discussion and works of each member which I learnt from my presentation. The lessons which I learnt from my presentation are organization, communication and troubleshooting strategies.

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It will help me in to complete group workshop effectively


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