Guest Lynn Watson and Margherita Colley from

Guest Speaker ReportOn Wednesday 7th of March, Lynn Watson and Margherita Colley from Highlands Recruitment came to talk to our Year 11 English Studies class about how to successfully apply for a job and how to get through a job interview. They had extensively gone through three main points being resumes, job interviews and personal presentation/etiquette.One of the most important things they stand was body language and personal presentation. How you present yourself e.g.

clothing, hair, smell and hygiene, and facial expressions can give your interviewer or future employer either a good or bad first impression. It can also affect your chances of getting the job, so how you present yourself can be a very vital element when it comes to applying for a job or going for an interview. Body language is also very important because it can sometimes show what kind of person you are; if you’re constantly fidgeting or not making eye contact with the interviewer wont be good for your body image and will give off the wrong impression. Being confident and well spoken can show the employer that you are keen and willing. Dressing appropriately can also determine what an employer thinks of you. An essential part of applying for a job, is the job interview itself. Good manners and confidence can get you very far when sitting for a job interview because it shows how keen you are for the job and how confident you are in that you can fill the position they’re are offering.

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Lynn and Margherita had both stressed that your handshake can also tell the employer how confident you are. During the interview, your language and knowledge in your skills and what you’re capable of can let the employer know what you’re like as a person, as a worker, and your work ethics and expectations. Knowing your responsibilities in a place of work can also show the employer that you are ready and prepared for tasks that they ask for, letting the employer know that you are confident in the acquired position can give you a better chance at gaining that job and experience.


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