GUJARAT Project entitled “Industrial Guided Vehicle”has been

GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY Chandkheda, Ahmedabad Affiliated VADODARA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING A Report On- Industrial guided vehicle Under subjectof DESIGN ENGINEERING – 2A B.

E. III, Semester – V (Computer Engineering Branch) Submitted by: Group(14845): Sr. Name of student Enrollment No. 1 Payal Bhateriya 160800107012 2 KumbharAshish 160800107029 3 Urmi Mahajan 160800107033 Prof. Ami Shah (Faculty Guide) Prof. AjaysinhRathod (Head of the Department) Academic year (2018-19)VADODARA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING COMPUTER ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 2018-2019 CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the Project entitled “Industrial Guided Vehicle”has been carried out by Ashish Kumbhar(160800107029),Urmi Mahajan(160800107033) and Payal Bhetariya(160800107012) under my guidance in fulfilment of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering 5th Semester of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmadabad during the academic year 2018-19. Date: Place: (Prof.

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Ami Shah ) (Prof. Ajaysinh Rathod) Internal Guide Head of the DepartmentACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is very difficult to express our feelings and we feel short of words for those who have contributed a lot in our training and provided their invaluable cooperation to us. Many people have helped, provided direction as well as technical information and it is our pleasure to acknowledge our debt to the many people involved directly or indirectly involved in development of this project.

Our deep sense of gratitude is extended to Prof. Ami Shah continuous encouragement, suggestion, and constructive criticism have been invaluable assets throughout the project work. We would like to offer special thanks to Vadodara Institute of Engineering for helping us to build our career and laying down a platform, which will help us to build a career in software industry.

ABSTRACT Industrial Guided Vehicle Industrial guided Vehicle that transports allkind of product with human intervention in production. The IGV’s serves many of the industry with greater efficiency compared to the manual functioning it is implemented by using ardinuo and line following command. The main usage of IGV is for dispatching the goods from one location to another with greater ease. Earlier this was done completely by human effort which was not that efficient. Humans make mistakes. By replacing the human element with AGVs, you remove some of the potential for inaccurate workflows, ultimately reducing waste and increasing output, allowing your operations to become more productive and accurate.

And whereas human personnel are limited in how long they can work, AGVs are capable of running 24/7. All of this increased safety leads to reduced cost and reduced operational downtime, which can ultimately increase profitability of many operations. In addition to the obvious improvements in accuracy and productivity, by integrating AGVs with a warehouse control system or a warehouse management system, you can streamline processes such as inventory and materials ordering. So, our aim is to solve industrial transportation issue.INDEX No. Title Page no. 1. INTRODUCTION 1 2.

EMPATHY MAPPING Formation Of Canvas Users Stockholder Activities StoryBoarding 2 3. AEIOU CANVAS Activities Users Environment Interaction Objects 5 4. IDEATION CANVAS People Activities Situation/Context/Location Props/PossibleSolutions 85. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Purpose Product Experience Product Functions Product Feature Components 10 6.


1.1 Empathy Mapping………….……………………………………….

4 Fig 3.1.1 AEIOU Canvas…………………….……………………………….

. 6 Fig 4.1.

1 Ideation Canvas……………………….……………………………. 8 Fig 5.

1.1 Product Development Canvas………….……………………………

10 Fig 6.1.1 Mind Mapping…………………………………

.…………………… 11 Fig 7.1.1 Prototype Model…












12VIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 1 1. Introduction to domain/project Automation with lights and security: Automation word means “to automate anything”. In today’s world where the human work is not much accepted, everything is needed to be controlled automatically. So, we are here introducing a new concept of Automation with lights and security.

Our concept and project will give world a new phase of technology where the manual work is very less and everything like machines, lights and many more is needed to work automatically with the accuracy of 100%. So, this project and concept will lead the world to the new era of controlling all machines and components of their daily usage. We thought about this concept when we observed the electricity wastage in our routine life.

So, we initiated making and enhancing the project by implementing it at various locations and we found the positive results in few days.VIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 2 2. Empathy Mapping Describes: – This exercise allows us to better analyze the desires and needs of the users like student’s faculties and in the process uncover previously unseen or noticed ways to improve a service.

it’s a very simplistic way to identify and reduce the potential hurdles, we are better able to please our customer 2.1 Beforethe formation of canvas we needed certain knowledge regarding: – • The users of this product • Stake holder of this product • Activities performed by this product • The possibilities of happy and happening in terms of stories. 2.2 Theselected users for our topic are: – • Manager • Student • Electrician • Faculty 2.3 The stake holder for our topic are: – • Higher Authorities • Receptionist • Owner • Lab Assistant 2.

4 The activities carried for our topic are: – • Switching ON/OFF lights • Wireless access to lights • Getting ACK • Checking status of lightsVIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 3 2.5 Story Boarding • HAPPY Once there was a constructing going on two buildings and the bricks at to be transfer one placed to another with the help ofmachine construction was completed earlier than time. • HAPPY At that time I felt happy. In the industry if workers load is more and many people are on leave than work will be not stop. IGV will help the workers. • SAD Raj is working in tyre manufacturing company while transferring tyre from machine to cooling go down immediately met with an accident due to immediately backpain.

so the machine never fails this type of accident. • SAD There was a company which made a glass bottle. The bottals had to be taken to another place for a packing so many workers were required for this task which gave employment to them but with machine there employment was taken away.VIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 4 Fig 2.1.1Empathy MappingVIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 5 3.

AEIOU CANVAS It is a framework that includes Activities, Enviroment, Interaction, Object and User. Fig 2.4 User experirnce 3.

1 ACTIVITIES • Observer: We use different CCTV camera for surveillance of college classrooms for checking the status of students. • Wasting Energy: Everyone one of us at some point use more amount of energy then required. • Higher Authorities: We use this to control lights of offices and rooms . • Annual Events: We attend and organize annual events which indirectly involves other activities such as lighting, management etc. • Students: We use this technology for controlling our desk lights like table lamp.

3.2 ENVIRONMENT It include the entire arena where activities take place. • Traffic • Noisy • Long queueVIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 6 3.3 INTERACTION These are between a person and someone or something else; They are the building blocks of activities.

• Robot with manage • Employee with Worker • Dealer with CEO 3.4 OBJECT These are building blocks of the environment, What are the objects and devices people have in their environments and how do they relate to their activities? • Machines • Equipment • Goods • Computers • Factory • Circuit 3.5 USER Users are the people whose behaviours, preferences, and needs are being observed. • Industry • Workers • College • ManagersVIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 7 Fig 3.

1.1AEIOU CanvasVIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 8 4. IDEATION CANVAS Ideation means to generate new ideas. Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas, where as an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be visual, concrete, or abstract. Ideation comprises all stage of a thought cycle, from innovation, to development, to actualization. As such, it is an essential part of the design process both in education and practice.

4.1 People: • Employee • Worker • Managers • Dealer • CEO 4.2 Activities: • Transporting • Time Saving • Reduce Workload • Save Fuel • Production 4.3 Situation/ Context/ Location:. • Industry • Medical Issues • Construction Area • Handicapped Person 4.

4 Possible solutions/ Props: • Low cost material • Light weight material • Wheels • CCTV camera • Software • Computer • SensorVIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 9 Fig 4.1.1Ideation CanvasVIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 10 5. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CANVAS DESCRIPTION: – Production canvas is the over view of the product we are making. In this we will start building a structure of our product around the need of the users. It is a strategic product planning tool that allows us to quickly capture, describes, and pivot our product strategy on a single page.

5.1 PURPOSE • Time Saving • Reduce Workload • Easy to transportation • Reduce human effort • Save fuel 5.2 PRODUCT EXPERENCE • Good Service • Time Saving • Accurate • Safe to operate • Regular Working 5.3 COMPONENT • LEDs • Wires • Sensor • Battery • Wheels • Ardunio • Cctv 5.4 PRODUCT FEATURES • Low Maintainance • Wireless Access • Portable • One time installationVIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 11 5.5 PRODUCT FUNCTIONS • Stability • Transmitting • Switch ON lights • Switch OFF lights • Gives ACK about status of lights •Works on AC and DC both Fig 5.

1.1 Product Development CanvasVIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 12 6. MIND MAPPING CANVAS “A mind map is a visual representation of hierarchical information that includes a central idea surrounded by connected branches of associated topics”. Mind mapping is a highly effective way of getting information in and out of your brain. Mind mapping is a creative and logical means of note-taking and note-making that literally “maps out” your ideas. Fig 6.1.

1Mind MappingVIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 13 7. PROTOTYPE MODELVIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 14 8. FUTURE ENHANCEMENT • In future, we want to build or develop a system that uses the automation concept and want to make lives of each and every citizen more reliable, easy and convenient. • We are looking forward to enhance this concept and register a patent of our name. 9. CONCLUSION It’s cheaper, time saving and programmable.

The system can be accessed by using aurdino, 12v battery and command line arguments. People can transport the goods from one location to another in industries by this device. It saves the fuel and reduces the workload.VIE (GROUP ID: 14845) 15 10. REFERENCES 1. https://www.control4.

com/solutions/smart-lighting 2. 3. https://support.smartthings.

com/hc/en-us/articles/205380404-Smart-Lights 4. https://www.edgefx.

in/automatic-room-light-controller-for-homeautomation-applications/ 5.


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