GUJARAT for providing us the required technical

GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITYChandkheda, Ahmedabad414020107950034379061093850B. H. Gardi College of Engineering & TechnologyA Project ReportONTHE INTELLIGENT HOMEUnder subject ofPMMSB.

E, Semester –7thELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERINGSubmitted by:Group id:- 2283Sr. Name Enrolment No.1.

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Jadav Pranav 1600431110042. Bhatt Kandarp 1600431110023. Vasani Krunal 150040111032Prof. Manish PatelFaculty GuideProf. Manish PatelH.

O.D. of E.C.

Dept.Academic year(2018-2019)Gujarat Technological UniversityACKNOWLEDGEMENTBefore we get into thick of things I would like to add few heartfelt words for the people who are part of our team as they have been unending contribution right from the start of construction of the report. Apart from the team I am indebted to the numbers of persons who have provided helpful and constructive guidance in the draft of material. I acknowledge with deep sense of gratitude towards the encouragement In the form of substantial assistance provided each and every member of my team.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our guide Prof. Manish Patel for providing us the required technical guidance in the process of preparing this report.DATE: / /2018 Jadav PranavVasani KrunalBhatt KandarpCERTIFICATEThis is to certify that research work embodied in this report entitled “The Intelligent Home” was carried out by Jadav Pranav (160043111004) at B.H.

GARDI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY for partial fulfilment of Bachelor of Engineering degree to be awarded by Gujarat Technological University. This research work has been carried out under my supervision and is to my satisfaction.Date: / / 2018Place: RajkotInternal guide H.O.D.Prof.

Manish Patel Prof. Manish PatelSIGN: SIGN: CERTIFICATEThis is to certify that research work embodied in this report entitled “The Intelligent Home” was carried out by Vasani Krunal (150040111032) at B.H. GARDI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY for partial fulfilment of Bachelor of Engineering degree to be awarded by Gujarat Technological University. This research work has been carried out under my supervision and is to my satisfaction.Date: / / 2018Place: RajkotInternal guide H.

O.D.Prof. Manish Patel Prof. Manish PatelSIGN: SIGN: CERTIFICATEThis is to certify that research work embodied in this report entitled “The Intelligent Home” was carried out by Bhatt Kandarp (160043111002) at B.H. GARDI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY for partial fulfilment of Bachelor of Engineering degree to be awarded by Gujarat Technological University. This research work has been carried out under my supervision and is to my satisfaction.

Date: / / 2018Place: RajkotInternal guide H.O.D.Prof.

Manish Patel Prof. Manish PatelSIGN: SIGN: CANDIDATE DECLARATIONWe declare that the dissertation report presented here for Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communication) entitled “The Intelligent Home” is my own work conducted under the guidance of Prof. Manish Patel We further declare that to the best of us knowledge, this dissertation report does not contain any part of work, which has been submitted for the award of any degree either in this university or in other university/ deemed university without proper citationTeam:Enrolment No. Name signature160043111004 Jadav Pranav 150040111032 Vasani Krunal 160043111002 Bhatt Kandarp Name of Guide Signature of GuideProf. Manish Patel TABLE OF CONTENTSACKNOWLEDGEMENTICERTIFICATE FROM COLLEGEIICANDIDATE DECLARATIONVTABLE OF CONTENTSVILIST OF FIGUREVIIABSTRACTVIIICHAPTER 1 1 TOC o “1-5” h z u 1.1Problem summary PAGEREF _Toc528016270 h 21.2Aim and objectives of the project PAGEREF _Toc528016271 h 31.3Problem specifications PAGEREF _Toc528016272 h 31.

4Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc528016273 h 41.4.1 NodeMCU (ESP8266) PAGEREF _Toc528016274 h 41.4.

1.1 NodeMCU Specifications PAGEREF _Toc528016275 h 51.4.2 TRIAC driver circuit PAGEREF _Toc528016276 h 61.

4.3 BLYNK APPLICATION PAGEREF _Toc528016277 h 81.4.4 IFTTT APPLICATION PAGEREF _Toc528016278 h 91.5Prior art search PAGEREF _Toc528016279 h 11CHAPTER 2 102.1Observation matrix PAGEREF _Toc528016281 h 132.2Ideation Canvas PAGEREF _Toc528016282 h 142.

3Product Development Canvas PAGEREF _Toc528016283 h 152.4Empathy Mapping Canvas PAGEREF _Toc528016284 h 16CHAPTER 3 173.1CONCLUSION AND FUTURE WORK PAGEREF _Toc528016286 h 18REFERENCES 19TABLE OF FIGURE TOC h z c “Figure” Figure 1: NodeMCU (ESP8266) Development Board PAGEREF _Toc528016919 h 4Figure 2: NodeMCU Pin Decryption PAGEREF _Toc528016920 h 5Figure 3: TRIAC Driver Circuit PAGEREF _Toc528016921 h 7Figure 4: Functioning of the Blynk Application PAGEREF _Toc528016922 h 8Figure 5: Screenshot of the IFTTT Application after Creating Several Applets PAGEREF _Toc528016923 h 10Figure 6: Light Turned ON and then OFF PAGEREF _Toc528016924 h 11Figure 7: Observation matrix PAGEREF _Toc528016925 h 13Figure 8: Ideation Canvas PAGEREF _Toc528016926 h 14Figure 9: Product Development Canvas PAGEREF _Toc528016927 h 15Figure 10: Empathy Mapping Canvas PAGEREF _Toc528016928 h 16 ABSTRACTThis project presents a design and prototype implementation of new home automation system that uses Wi-Fi technology as a network infrastructure connecting its parts.

The proposed system consists of two main components; the first part is the server (web server), which presents system core that manages, controls, and monitors users’ home. Users and system administrator can locally (LAN) or remotely (internet) manage and control system code. Second part is hardware interface module, which provides appropriate interface to sensors and actuator of home automation system. Unlike most of available home automation system in the market the proposed system is scalable that one server can manage many hardware interface modules as long as it exists on Wi-Fi network coverage. System supports a wide range of home automation devices like power management components, and security components. The proposed system is better from the scalability and flexibility point of view than the commercially available home automation systems.CHAPTER:-1INTRODUCTIONProblem summaryHome, it is the place where one fancies or desires to be after a long tiring day. People come home exhausted after a long hard working day.

Some are way too tired that they find it hard to move once they land on their couch, sofa or bed. So any small device/technology that would help them switch theirs lights on or off, or play their favourite music etc. on a go with their voice with the aid of their smart phones would make their home more comfortable.

Moreover, it would be better if everything such as warming bath water and adjusting the room temperature were already done before they reach their home just by giving a voice command. So, when people would arrive home, they would find the room temperature, the bath water adjusted to their suitable preferences, and they could relax right away and feel cosier and rather, feel more homely.Human assistants like housekeepers were a way for millionaires to keep up their homes in the past. Even now when technology is handy enough only the well to do people of the society are blessed with these new smart home devices, as these devices costs are a bit high. However, not everyone is wealthy enough to be able to afford a human assistant, or some smart home kit. Hence, the need for finding an inexpensive and smart assistant for normal families keeps growing.It uses the Google Assistant, the IFTTT application, the Blynk application and the NodeMCU microcontroller as the major components along with a relay board comprising of 4/8 relays along with ULN 2803 IC. Natural language voice is used to give commands to the Google Assistant.

All of the components are connected over the internet using Wi-Fi which puts this system under the IoT.Aim and objectives of the projectThe project aims at designing an advanced home automation system using normal web server and Wi-Fi technology. The devices can be switched ON/OFF and sensors can be read using a Personal Computer (PC) through Wi-Fi. Automation is the most frequently spelled term in the field of electronics.

The hunger for automation brought many revolutions in the existing technologies. These had greater importance than any other technologies due to its user-friendly nature. These can be used as a replacement of the existing switches in home which produces sparks and also results in fire accidents in few situations. Considering the advantages of Wi-Fi an advanced automation system was developed to control the appliances in the house. Wi-Fi (Short for Wireless Fidelity) is a wireless technology that uses radio frequency to transmit data through the air. Wi-Fi has initial speeds of 1mbps to 2mbps. Wi-Fi transmits data in the frequency band of 2.4 GHz.

It implements the concept of frequency division multiplexing technology. Range of Wi-Fi technology is 40-300 feet.Problem specificationsThe goal of this project is to develop a home automation system that gives the user complete control over all remotely controllable aspects of his or her home.

The automation system will have the ability to be controlled from a central host PC, the Internet, and also remotely accessed via a Pocket PC with a Windows Mobile based application.The System will also sense the Accidental Gas leakage, water level and will notify the user by SMS.Literature Review1.4.1 NodeMCU (ESP8266)The NodeMCU (Node Microcontroller Unit) is an open source software and hardware development environment that is built around a very inexpensive System-on-a-Chip (SOC) called the ESP8266. The ESP8266 is designed and manufactured by Express, contains all crucial elements of the modern computer: CPU, RAM, networking (Wi-Fi), and even a modern operating system and SDK. When purchased at bulk, the ESP8266 chip costs only $2 USD a piece. That makes it an excellent choice for this system design.

An open source ESP8266 firmware that is built on top of the chip manufacturer’s proprietary SDK. The firmware provides a simple programming environment based on eLua (embedded Lua), which is a very simple and fast scripting language with an established developer community. For new comers, the Lua scripting language is easy to learn. And to add on NodeMCU can be programmed with the Android IDE too.

A development kit board that incorporates the ESP8266 chip on a standard circuit board. The board has a built-in USB port that is already wired up with the chip, a hardware reset button, Wi-Fi antenna, LED lights, and standard-sized GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pins that can plug into a bread board. Figure 1 below shows the NodeMCU development board.Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: NodeMCU (ESP8266) Development BoardFigure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 2: NodeMCU Pin Decryption1.4.

1.1 NodeMCU SpecificationsBreadboard FriendlyLight Weight and small size.3.3V operated, can be USB powered.Uses wireless protocol 802.11b/g/n.Built-in wireless connectivity capabilities.Built-in PCB antenna on the ESP-12E chip.

Capable of PWM, I2C, SPI, UART, 1-wire, 1 analog pin.Uses CP2102 USB Serial Communication interface module.Arduino IDE compatible (extension board manager required).

Supports Lua (alike node.js) and Arduino C programming language.1.

4.2 TRIAC driver circuitYou detect a point along the “phase” of the AC signal (usually near the zero-crossing).  That’s the full-wave rectifier, the FET B2, and an opto-isolator, with the current-limited AC driving the opto input.The opto-isolators keep the high voltage away from you and the low-voltage control circuitry (i.e. the Arduino).  If you are building your own power supply, you can use the isolated transformer secondary to get the timing/phase and eliminate one of the opto-isolators.

That isolated detected phase/timing signal goes to an Arduino input. An Arduino output drives the other opto-isolator, which drives the TRIAC (A1).   After being triggered by the phase/timing signal, there is a delay (i.e. 0-10mS @ 50Hz).

  Then a short pulse into the output opto-isolator (IC1) “fires” the TRIAC somewhere along the AC half-cycle.  (The pulse has to be “short” because it cannot extend into the next AC half-cycle).The actual zero-crossing is difficult to detect, and the peak is difficult too..

.   So it’s generally best to find a point somewhere in the middle (around 45 degrees).  With a microcontroller, it’s easy to compensate since you know the line frequency.Also with a microcontroller, you don’t need full-wave rectification.   When you find one zero-crossing point (or trigger point) there is another one 180 degrees later (10 mS later at 50Hz).You’ll probably have to experiment with the timing/delay to get it to work right near zero-speed and near full-speed.

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 3: TRIAC Driver Circuit1.4.3 BLYNK APPLICATIONBlynk is a Platform with iOS and Android apps to control Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU and several other boards over the Internet.

Blynk was designed for the Internet of Things. It can control hardware remotely, it can display sensor data, it can store data, visualize it and do many other cool things. Blynk App setup is required; we set it up as per the requirement. We begin by creating a project and then selecting the microcontroller we are using. After which we create the toggle buttons for each relay associated with the digital pins of the microcontroller. Once this is done, Blynk sends an authentication token to the registered email id for this particular project. This token should be noted and saved for its use while programming the NodeMCU and setting up the IFTTT application.

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 4: Functioning of the Blynk Application1.4.4 IFTTT APPLICATIONIFTTT derives its name from the programming conditional statement “if this, then that.

” IFTTT is both a website and a mobile app that launched in 2010 and has the slogan “Put the Internet to work for you”. The idea is that you use IFTTT to automate everything from your favourite apps and websites to app-enabled accessories and smart devices. What the company provides is a software platform that connects apps, devices and services from different developers in order to trigger one or more automations involving those apps, devices and services. Here, IFTTT application is used to bridge the gap between the Google Assistant commands and the Blynk app. Setting up the IFTTT application first requires logging in after which we need to create an applet and then “This”, i.e. the trigger, here we select Google Assistant and then we will type in the commands to which the Google Assistant should respond and to this command it should control the appliance/relay associated with it.

The response command from the Goggle Assistant can also be typed in as desired.After configuring the trigger, i.e. “This” of the application we need to configure the “That”. What should be done once the Google Assistant hears the command which we just configured? This is decided by setting “That” of the app. We click “That” and then select web hooks and click connect.

Web hooks will allow us to send commands to the Blynk Server. Now, in the URL we type the IP address of the Blynk server followed by the Authentation token sent by the Blynk and then the pin number of the microcontroller to which the device to be controlled is connected. The URL should be in the following format:http://188.

166.206.43/AuthToken/pin/CorrespondingDigitalPinNo.Then in the method we select ‘PUT’ and the content type is ‘Application/JSON’ and in the body we write “1” to turn ON and “0” to turn OFF. This creates the action for the trigger i.e.

the Google Assistant command. The action taken by it is simply sending a message to the Blynk app to either turn ON or OFF the concerned connected device.Finally, the microcontroller is programmed with the actions it needs to do once it receives the signal from the Blynk application. Before that, the Blynk and the microcontroller should communicate and the communication is done via the internet and since the microcontroller, NodeMCU comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi module, it is programmed to connect to the desired network once plugged in.

‘C’ language is used to program the microcontroller and is programmed in the Arduino IDE.Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 5: Screenshot of the IFTTT Application after Creating Several AppletsPrior art searchThe result was positive and the system responded well. The diagram below shows the complete prototype implementation of the proposed system.Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 6: Light Turned ON and then OFFCHAPTER:-2DESIGNObservation matrixFigure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 7: Observation matrixIdeation CanvasFigure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 8: Ideation CanvasProduct Development CanvasFigure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 9: Product Development CanvasEmpathy Mapping CanvasFigure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 10: Empathy Mapping CanvasCHAPTER:-3SUMMARYCONCLUSION AND FUTURE WORKThe aim of this paper was to propose a cost effective voice controlled (Google Assistant) home automation controlling general appliances found in one’s home.

The approach discussed in the paper was successful as GACHA’s (Google Assistant Controlled Home Automation) design was successfully implemented. This system is highly reliable and efficient for the aged people and differently abled person on a wheel chair who cannot reach the switch for the switching ON/OFF the device and are dependent on others.The future scope for GACHA can be huge. There are many fators to improve on to make GACHA more powerful, intelligent, scalable, and to become better overall for home automation. For example, controlling the speed of the fan, more number of devices can be integrated, like a coffee machine, air conditioner etc. To make the system respond more faster own private Blynk server can be made. Well, no system is ever perfect. It always has a scope for improvement.

One just needs to put on a thinking cap and try and make the system more better.REFERENCES1 IFTTT: s 2 Blynk : 3 NodeMCU: 4 Google Assistant: news 5 IoT: /IoT-device 6 ULN2803 IC working: 7 Webhooks: ntPage 8 Application/JSON: 9 Arduino IDE: 10 Wkipedia:

GUJARAT of Engineering A Report On – “MEDI-ASSIST”

GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITYChandkheda, Ahmedabad AffiliatedVadodara Institute of EngineeringA Report On -“MEDI-ASSIST”Under subject ofDESIGN ENGINEERING –II(A)B. E.III ,Semester –V (Computer Engineering)Submitted by: Group: 15198 Sr No. Name of student Enrollment No.1. Yogesh B Mavani 1608001070342. Bhavisha B Panwar 1608001070413.

Paulomi M Parikh 160800107042Prof. Ami Shah(Faculty Guide)Prof. Ajaysinh Rathod(Head of the Department)Academic Year (2018-19)Vadodara Institute of Engineering, KotambiComputer Engineering 2018-193169411204676CERTIFICATEDate:This is to certify that the project entitled “Medi-Assist” has been carried out by Yogesh B Mavani (160800107034), Bhavisha B Panwar (160800107041) and Paulomi M Parikh (160800107042) under my guidance in partial fulfillment of the degree of Design Engineering-II(A) in Computer Engineering 5th Semester of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad during the academic year 2018- 2019.Prof. Ami ShahProf. Ajaysinh Rathod(Faculty Guide)(Head of the Department)ACKNOWLEDGEMENTWith a sense of gratitude and respect, we would like to extend our heartiest thanks to all those who provided help & guidance.

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It was a pleasant and highly educative experience to work for project name Medi-Assist. We are grateful to Prof Ami Shah who was kind enough to consider our choice and trust on us for providing a good project and was always ready to provide the best instruction and guidance to do work better.We are also thankful to our head of department Prof. Ajaysinh Rathod. Many person help us for working on this project each of their contribution is very valuable for us.Bhavisha B Panwar (160800107041) Paulomi M Parikh (160800107042) Yogesh B Mavani (160800107034)IndexAbstract1Introduction2AEIOU Canvas3Activities 3.2.

EnvironmentInteractionsObject 3.5.UsersEmpathy Canvas6Users 4.2.Stakeholders 4.3.Activities 4.

4.Story boardingMind Mapping Canvas9Ideation Canvas10Peoples 6.2.Activities6.3.

Context/Location/Situation 6.4.Props/Possible solutionsProduct Development Canvas13Purpose & PeoplesProduct- Experience, Functions & Features 7.

3.Components7.4.Customer Revalidation & Reject, Redesign, RetainLNM Canvas15Future Expansion16Conclusion17References18VIER(GROUP ID: 15198)List Of FiguresList of FiguresFig. No Title Page No.1.1 AEIOU 51.2 Empathizing 81.

3 Mind Mapping 91.4 Ideation 121.5 Product Development Canvas 141.6 LNM Matrix 15VIE(GROUP ID: 15198)AbstractAbstractWe all know that there are Medical Representatives(MR) in pharmaceutical companies who represent their companies to sell their product i.e medicines as well as they are also responsibleto advertise or aware about the new medicines and its effect.

MRs’ will personally visit thehospital and clinics of allotted areas to take the orders from the doctors, this is very time consuming for the doctors as well as for the MR’s as well as patients. It is very inconvenient with the system as MR have to wait for their chance to come to meet the doctor for theorder and patients’appointments are also delayed.VIER(CE)Page 1VIE(GROUP ID: 15198)IntroductionIntroduction2.1 Project summaryMedi-Assist, name itself defines the aim of the project. We with our team members are going to make a website or an application. The main reason is doctors and medical representative are inconvenient with the current system of ordering medicines.

MR;s have to wait for their chance to come to meet the doctors and at the same time doctors are also busy in attending patients.Thus it is not possible for doctors to give their time to MR;s.In order to overcome this problem, we are going to make a website in which clinics or hospitals will be given their respective ID’s according to their areas. Doctor can login and place their orders as well as can know about new medicineAEIOUAEIOU is a method to help and interpret observations gathered by practice in surroundings. Its two primary functions are to code data, and to develop building blocks of models that will ultimately address the objectives and issues of a client.

Activities:-With the thought on people involved in different activities,an attempt was made to think up on possibilities of various activates. Elaboration at maximization is essential here at the stage while identifying activities, these results in COMPREHENSIVENESS.MR- online guidanceSolving QueriesAdvertiseDOCTORSMEDICINESChemist people:place orders,gather informationListDescriptionUsageRequirements and availabilityEnvironment:-Here actually in this canvas we are taking a note of an environment when we went for observing in nearby area or a location.Unhealthy.

MedicinesEquipments.Medicine rackPatients.NurseNoise.DoctorsInteractions:-Here we interacted with the clients or the user and discussed about the problem they are facing in using present product available in the market.

DOCTORS (Dentists, Neurologist, Surgeon, Orthopaedic, Psychiatric, Child Specialist, Physiotherapist)Chemist.PeopleCompany authoritiesCompany membersMedical RepresentativesObjects:-Here we observed the objects present in the location where we went for observing.Informational websitesMR reviewsDoctor's reviewsSmart phonesLaptopsCodesWebpagesUsers:-In such we wrote the names for those who are directly dependent to the product.HospitalsClinicsMedical studentPeopleMR'sChemistCompany members.Company authority850900120008Img 1.1 A.E.I.

O.U CanvasEmpathy CanvasEmpathy Map is the canvas where designer has to observe and understand the emotional needs of the user, and on the basis of empathy of user he will think of the solution.Users:-In such we wrote the names for those who are directly dependent to the product.HospitalsClinicsMedical studentPeopleMR'sChemistCompany membersCompany authorityStakeholders:-In such we wrote the names for those who are directly dependent to the product.Admins of hospitalsAdmin of ClinicsMedical studentPeopleAssistant of doctorsCompany authoritiesActivities:-With the thought on people involved in different activities, an attempt was made to think up on possibilities of various activates. Elaboration at maximization is essential here at the stage while identifying activities, these results in COMPREHENSIVENESS.

MR- online guidanceDOCTORSMEDICINESSolving QueriesAdvertiseChemist people:place orders,gather informationListDescriptionUsagerequirements and availabilityStory Boarding:-Happy story:We all know that doctors don't have much time for MR's due to their appointments.To overcome this problem, doctors can login to this website to get details, place orders and interact with the MR's at their continent time.Doctors can get information about several medicines.With this, they can be more clear and confident about the medicine.

so, even if the Medicine is new in market, they face no difficulty.Sad story:We all know that doctors want to meet MR's regularly, but that's not possible for both MR's as well as doctors. As MR have to visit each clinics of particular area and doctors are busy attending their pateints.Doctors are unaware of the medicines which are new in market unless and until they meet MR's. Even sometimes they are unaware about the advantages and disadvantages of existing medicines in market.Fig 1.2Empathy CanvasVIE(GROUP ID: 15198)Mapping CanvasMapping CanvasMind mapping is plotting of view, ideas and implementation of your project.

Its actually the plotting of what is your idea, what will be done, its consequences and all.914400193282Fig 1.3Mapping CanvasIdeation CanvasThis canvas is based on how we actually get the idea about the main project. By simply observing around the surroundings from the problems that does people find in their day to day life we get into concluding our idea about the main projectPeoples:-There are many peoples who are concern with this particular project but the main ones who are benefited most are:ReportersPolitical leadersExecutiveShopkeeperStudentAdvertiserBusinessmanActivities:-With the thought on people involved in different activities, an attempt was made to think up on possibilities of various activates. Elaboration at maximization is essential here at the stage while identifying activities, these results in COMPREHENSIVENESS.

MR- online guidanceDOCTORSMEDICINESSolving QueriesAdvertiseChemist people:place orders,gather informationListDescriptionUsage requirements and availabilityContext/location/situation:-With number of people identified doing many activities, we attempted to identify different locations that are involved in performing such activities, situations that are applied to perform certain activities and context of importance that was relevant to activities. We came up with the followingRequirement of medicineLess time consumptionClinicsOnline interactionUrgent requirementHospitalsTo get informationProps/possible solutions:-The aim of the ideation canvas is to help us in noting down different requirements in line with attempting about addressing a various problems.Requirement of medicinesOnline interactionUrgent requirementLess time consumptionFig 1.

4Ideation CanvasProduct Development CanvasWhere we have mentioned purpose of our product, functions, features, revalidation, product experience. Purpose of our product is easy availability of medicine and less time consumption. We also visited other teams as a customer for user revalidation.Purpose & Peoples:-The canvas starts with the limited no. of PEOPLES with their PURPOSE who are directly involved in major of the activities of the particular project.Online paymentChemistInformationDoctorsNew medicine arrivalMedical studentOnline guidanceClientsProduct- Experience, Functions & Features :-Next we come up with the PRODUCT EXPERIENCE.

Here we have discussed whether the product we are launching will give better experience or not.And then everything has some unique or common features. So at next we have discuss the features of our product i.e. PRODUCT FEATURES.And then we have discussed the various COMPONENTS that are available in the respective product.

Components:-Here we write the name of the components used or that do we are going to use in our future projects.CodesDoctor's reviewsMR's reviewsInformational websitesWebpagesCustomer Revalidation & Reject, Redesign Retain:-Here we directly consulted to the customer or the clients for their feedback or reviews. We made necessary correction into our project suggested by the clients.815339222130Medicine IdOTPAccount IdSecurity questionsFig 1.5 Product Development CanvasVIE(GROUP ID: 15198)Mapping CanvasLNM Matrix CanvasLNM Matrix is plotting of view, ideas and implementation of your project.

Its actually the plotting of what is your idea, purpose, tools and methods, software and all.993139188837Fig 1.6LNM CanvasVIE(GROUP ID:15198)Future ExpansionFuture ExpansionMedi-Assist is the project in which we can get information of medicines, get appointment, find best doctors. In future, location is added so that we can get the location of chemical shops, medical companies etc.

In addition, with that when a new chemist wants to have a chemical shop then he can search location of medical shops nearby and can have its own shop accordingly. Chemist can also find stockies in the area and can buy new medicines.VIE(GROUP ID: 15198)ConclusionConclusionThe project “MEDI-ASSIST” has been successfully documented.

During documentation of this project, it was an interesting intellectual challenge and it gave us direct experience to make an application/website for medical representatives.VIEPage 17VIE(GROUP ID: 15198)ReferencesReferences…/job…/276119-medical-representative-job-descriptionPage 18

GUJARAT task related to our project would be

GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY Chandkheda, Ahmedabad Affiliated S.S. Agrawal Institute of Engineering and Technology A Report On TAX MANAGER Under subject of Project-1(2170002) B.E.

IV, Semester VII (Computer Engineering) Submitted by: Sr. Name of student Enrollment No. 1. Gupta Pooja K. 151230107010 2. Varma Arti A. 151230107059 3.

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Vekariya Mukund R. 151230107060 Prof. Brijesh Bhandari (Faculty Guide) Prof. Jijeesh Baburajan (Head of the Department) Academic year (2018-2019)S. S. Agrawal Institute of Engineering & Technology (123), Navsari CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Students of Team Id. 4848 1.

Ms. Pooja Gupta (151230107010) 2. Ms.

Arti Varma (151230107059) 3.Mr. Mukund Vekariya (151230107060) Of 4th year (7th Semester) has/have completed their project work successfully and satisfactorily in the subject of Project (2170002) on Date – -2018 in Computer Engineering Department. Faculty Guide Head of Department s Internal Examiner External ExaminerTAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 3 Acknowledgement We would like to be grateful to the S.S.

Agrawal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Gujarat Technological University for giving us the opportunity of doing the project work in design engineering. The achievement that accompanies successful completion of any task related to our project would be incomplete without mention of people whose incessant cooperation made it possible whose consistent guidance and encouragement crown all efforts with success. We would also like to express our gratitude towards our internal guide Prof.

Brijesh Bhandari for their relevant guidance and consultation and for providing all the resources, technical advice which is beneficial for our project and also inspire us for making this project successful.TAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 4 Contents 1.Introduction 6 1.1 Problem Summary &Introduction 6 1.2 Aim and Objectives of Work 6 1.3 Problem Specification 6 1.4 Brief Literature Review &PSAR 7 1.4.

1 Application Survey 7 1.4.2 PSAR 9 1.5 Plan of Work 11 1.6Materials/Tools Required 11 1.6.1 Hardware Requirement 11 1.

6.2 Software Requirement 11 2.Implementation Methodology 12 2.1 AEIOU Worksheets 12 2.2 Empathy Canvas 13 2.3 Ideation Canvas 14 2.4 Product Development Canvas 15 2.5 Basic Flow of application 16 3.

Project Summary and future Work 17 3.1 Features 17 3.2 Future Scope 17 3.3 Conclusion 17 4. References 18TAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 5 Abstract The main desire of the project “TAX MANAGER” is to provide online services of paying tax at anyplace from their mobile and availability of soft copy of tax documents of each individual tax payer if accidentally any documents is lost.

User can do comparison between his/her previous and recent tax value from this mobile application in a graphical representation according to their requirements. Due to that graphical view user can read the data in a readable form without any difficulties. In short this mobile application saves the time of taxpayer and chartered account (CA) and user can also check the notification related tax by doing login or sign in.TAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 6 1.

Introduction Income Tax Act was first introduced in 1960. With passage of time India has eradicate multiples taxes and introduced new ones. Mainly taxes are two types. Direct tax which is directly paid by you such as wealth tax, corporate tax etc. Indirect tax includes VAT, service tax, sales tax etc. In our project we are developing a system that helps the user to manage their tax. This system provides convenient way to understand tax criteria (more easy way to learn that tax files). For that purpose, we create a mobile application which is helpful to the user to calculate every year BALANCE SHEET and other stuff.

Using this application user can also compare their previous tax data with the help of graphical view representation. 1.1 Problem Summary In traditional tax system user can face some difficulty while paying tax. He/she can’t understand the tax documents in a readable form. When the taxpayer wants to see their tax value graph they have to read the whole tax document and then also he/she cannot understand properly. So they have to personally meet to CA for knowing that problem.

The process of comparing tax values is time consuming and it is also difficult to personally meet every time CA for gaining important guidelines related to tax. 1.2 Aim and Objective of Work The aim of our application “TAX MANAGER” is to provide different services like at one place user can access their own tax data which makes easy for the user has they do not have to check every time tax files and to visit CA. User can manage that data with one click. 1.3 Problem Specification In traditional tax system the user does not get meaningful data from the tax file.

They didn’t also compare data with each other. That process is more time consuming for CA and user also. So our system gets all data and process on that data and make that data user friendly. Recently, if the user’s tax documents are lost then he/she personally meet to CA for collecting that documents but using this application copies of that documents are retrieved from their respective CA in the form of soft copy with the help of this mobile application.TAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 7 1.4 Brief Literature Review and Prior Art Search (PAS) 1.4.

1 Application Survey Android apps and its description App Name Usage Income Tax Ready Reckoner It provides many deductions, exemptions, various kinds of tax computation, time limitation for the tax payers and assessing officers, forms for application under different provisions. Income Tax Calculator Income Tax Calculator calculates tax and salary deductions with detailed tax calculations and explanations based on the latest Indian tax rates for FY 2018-2019(AY 2019-2020). Calculator allows the user to create, update or delete tax record.

Tax record summary can be shared via email. Aaykar Setu Aaykar Setu – It’s a free mobile application. It provides linkage to various services of the Income-tax Department through a single window. Income Tax Guide 2018-19 A complete Income Tax Guide 2018-19 with circulars and notifications. A useful tool to all taxpayers and students to understand Income Tax in a lucid way. One can plan tax savings with the help of tax calculator. Income Tax Calculator Income Tax Calculator is an app that calculates the income tax payable based on given inputs like salary. This app is for the residents and salaried people in India.

Income Tax Calculator calculates tax based on 2016 and 2017 tax rates. TaxChat This app provides chat based Next-Gen methodology. It also provides claim, explore, plan and track your income tax investments. GST Coach App It provides an easy explanation of Direct and Indirect Taxes including Income Tax and GST India. Indian Salary Calculator Indian Salary Calculator is an easy way to calculates salary for year 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.

It calculates Gross Salary, Taxable Income, Income Tax, Additional Tax, Take Home Salary, etc. Transport Tax This application is a vehicle tax calculator for all types of vehicles in all regions of the Russian Federation. Supports differentiated tax rates, which are calculated based on the model year of the vehicle. Reverse Tax This app is mainly used for reverse calculation of Income Tax and Sales.

Tax is based on effective rates. IncomeTax Form 2018-2019-Gujarati This app is providing income tax calculator and forms to government employees working in Gujarat. All the calculations are displayed in the app like salary, other income and deductible amounts. There are options for export forms – Gujarati form, Form-16 and Salary Statement as EXCEL file.TAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 8 Sales Tax, VAT, GST Calculator This app is used for easily finding the price before tax, the amount of tax, the price inclusive of tax, etc. US Tax & Finance Calculators IRS tax calculator is a mobile app based on Internal Revenue Code or US Code 26. The app also provides financial calculators for mortgage & various loan calculators. Tax Go Using Tax Go mobile application you can make retail sales, receive payments, file your tax refund, return or prepare financial statement to standard.

Toll Collect The Toll Collect app is the most flexible option for manual toll log-on for customers of the German truck toll system – on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere and around the clock.TAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 9 1.4.2 Patent Search Analysis Report ? Patent:1 Patent No: US 7,565,312 B1 Patent Title: Tax return system and methods Inventor/s Details: Neal Shaw, Aaron Horvath About Invention: ? The system consists integrated tax return preparation systems and methods which provide a taxpayer with options related to review and signing of a tax return by a tax professional which is computer based and web based online tax return. ? Signature and review the tax services option are available from retail tax preparation service.

? This service is only provided for that tax payers who prepare their own tax return using online tax preparation system or tax software. ? Patent:2 Patent No: US 8,606,665 B1 Patent Title: System and method for acquiring tax data for use in tax preparation software Inventor/s Details: Neal Shaw About Invention: ? The present invention is related to automatic system and method for acquiring tax data and importing it into tax preparation software. ? In this system tax documents are obtained electronically in a tax data acquisition process by scanning, faxing or emailing them. ? After scanning the tax documents in electronic form an optical character recognition (OCR) software process obtained tax data from the electronic tax document and then imported into tax preparation software. ? Patent:3 Patent No: US 809,934,1B2 Patent Title: System and method for recreating tax documents Inventor/s Details: Varghese Dennis About Invention: ? This invention provides system and method for recreating a copy of a previously filed tax document of a user. ? The user will enter the order request along with client information such as social security number, adjust name and address. ?TAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 10 ? The individual or his/her representative submit a completed IRS form along with processing fee via standard mail and must wait typically four to six weeks for the form to be processed by the IRS. ? Patent:4 Patent No: US 201, 401, 953, 93 A1 Patent Title: Tax data management and reporting system Inventor/s Details: Spyridonos Nikolaos, Samani Sadiq About Invention: ? This invention is about to manage, report and collect property tax information and data in real time, which may provide a means to transmit and communicate information from a plurality of tax information sources to a plurality of tax information targets.

? In this system lender contacts to tax collector. Then tax collector receives request from lender. ? For approve the request of lender tax collector have to check that request is meaningful or not. ? If it is not meaningful then tax collector sent rejection notice with reason which is in the form of letter or email. ? If request is meaningful then tax collector send acceptance communication along with documentation. ? Patent:5 Patent No: US 7,379,907 A1 Patent Title: Method of automatic tax transaction Inventor/s Details: Afshari Abbas Ben About Invention: ? The present invention is a method of using an automatic tax payment, this method applies to business establishment that must make several different tax payments such as sales tax, unemployment, excise tax, etc.

? The present method is capable of making automatic calculation of taxes and automatic payment of taxes without manual work for the cooperation of employee. ? Once the transaction system installed it monitors available funds and usage total funds less taxes, and make the tax payment on time.TAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 11 1.5 Plan of Work Sr.No Task Name Month 1 Select The Domain And Research Project July 2 Project Presentation(1) July 3 Search The Patent And Study Patent August 4 Introduction to Android and MYSQL August 5 Project Presentation(2) August 6 Implement Design Engineering Canvas September 7 Basic Flow of Application September 8 7th semester Documentation Work September Table. 1.1 Gantt Chart Table 1.6 Materials/Tools Required 1.

6.1 Hardware Requirements ? Monitor: Any Monitor ? Minimum RAM: 4 GB ? Recommended RAM: 8 GB ? Hard Disk:40GB ? Processor Size: 32bit or above ? Operating System: Windows XP or above ? Screen resolution: 1280×800 minimum 1.6.2 Software Requirements ? Front End: JAVA, XML ? Back End: MYSQL, PHP ? Tools: Android Studio ? Server: XAMPP ? Documentation: MS office ? Browser: Web Browser (Any Compatible Browser)TAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 12 2. Implementation Methodology 2.

1 AEIOU Canvas ? The first phase shows the activity of the system. The general impression and observation shows the activity of all the user. We have observed many activities like CA provides guidelines to user, people are coming for tax related work, Helper preserve the taxation files and so on. ? The second phase shows the environment in which our system is working.

? The third phase shows the interaction of the user. This section describe how the user is interacting with another user or people that are included in this system. ? The fourth phase shows what kind of object that we are used in activity. The objects are used by the user for making our project efficient. ? The fifth phase shows what kind of user involved in our system and their responsibility like comparing tax values, paying tax online, show all the detail related tax, etc. Fig. 2.1 AEIOU CanvasTAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 13 2.

2 Empathy Canvas ? The below figure shows empathy canvas related to our project. We analysis and interacted with different people and asked them about their difficulties which they face while paying tax or any tax document lost and any problem occur while understanding the tax data We also include in this canvas about the factors that are associated with our project like user, stakeholder and activity performed by them with happy and sad story. Fig. 2.2 Empathy Mapping CanvasTAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 14 2.3 Ideation Canvas ? We overview all the details that associated with our project like which people are included, activities performed, in which situation/context/location these activities are performed. Considering all these components, we proposed solution for all the factors associated with our project like providing details of user, pay tax at any place through android mobile, retrieve taxation data in the form of soft copy, provides security and so on. Fig.

2.3 Ideation CanvasTAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 15 2.4 Product Development Canvas ? The product development sheet mainly covers all the modules that highlight the functionality and features of our domain. Fig. shows Product Development canvas related to our project.

? We analyzed all the factors which are related to tax system with our project like Purpose of our project with People who is the key customer who will use this product or services like normal customer, CA, employee, self-employee. ? Product Experience module describe what tax payer feel when they use your product. Product Functions are answer to user problems, and functionalities that are to be included in our system. ? Product Feature describes the feature of our system. Components module describes components required to build up our system.

Customer Revalidation describes the test with customer if functions are useful or not, Reject that functions/feature that didn’t find useful. Fig. 2.

4 Product Development CanvasTAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 16 2.5 Basic Flow of application The basic flow of our application which includes landing page, login page, home page as well as signup page are given below: ? Landing page includes login and signup button and if the user has already account then he/she will choose skip option and directly go to the home page where all services of related to tax are available. The home page includes main modules of our application which is used by a user in a convenient way. Fig. 2.5(a) Landing Page Fig. 2.

5(b) Home Page Fig. 2.5(c) Login Page Fig. 2.5(d) Sign Up PageTAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 17 3. Project Summary and future Work 3.

1 Features 1. Easy to understand: The taxpayer can easily understand the tax data values because he/she easily do the comparison due to graphical view representation. 2.

Easy to use: No handbook calculations in hardcopy are required by the user with efficient and user friendly interface. 3. Details of user: User can find all his/her details and every task that he/she do related to tax by using this mobile application 4. Less time consumption: The application save the time of taxpayer by not visiting all the time to meet CA. He can send the bills and other stuff related to tax through mobile. 5. Real time notification: Any notifications related to tax are seen on the user account.

6. We provide user input so they can chat with expert and also do editing their expenses and income. 3.2 Future Scope The project indicates the time saving of the tax payer and help them to manage their tax in easiest way due to that the future implications of project are great based on this features. Many different tests, methods, experiment and modules that we add are left in this system which makes our application more effective and convenient on which we work in future. 3.3 Conclusion Tax Manager is a mobile application that will handle all the tax related information of each taxpayer and provides convenient way to understand the tax criteria without any difficulties which help the user to calculate every year balance sheet and other stuff. With the help of this application the burden of any taxpayer will become decrease as he/she could find all different app features of tax in one single app and also do comparison of their previous year tax value with recent year tax value this show them their tax upwards downward graph.

They also gain all tax related notifications from this mobile application.TAX MANAGER Computer Department, SSAIET, Navsari Page 18 4. References 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


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