“Gun that do not violate the second amendment,

“Gun Control Laws: Should theUnited States adopt stronger gun control laws?” Issues &Controversies, Infobase  Learning, 11Oct. 2017, http://icof.infobaselearning.com/recordurl.aspx?ID=2263. Accessed 5Nov. 2017.Citations                           The Gun controllaws article states that the widespread availability of firearms has made iteasier for criminals and people with mental illnesses to perpetrate tragic massshootings.

The government can reduce shooting deaths by imposing common senserestriction on gun access that do not violate the second amendment, Arming morepeople will not reduce gun violence.(Gun Control Laws 1) The solution needed todecrease mass shootings is limiting the accessibility of the types of gunspeople can purchase. The shooters in mass shooting usually use assault riflesto kill lots of innocent individuals. Limiting the access of assault rifleswill decrease the number of mass shootings. By enforcing higher requirementslike intense background check will prevent criminals from purchasing firearms.The most important law that the U.S needs to adopt is the 48-hour waiting timebefore being able to receive the gun.

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People usually commit a crime due to therage they have built up.                 Thirtythousand firearm deaths were reported this past year. Guns make itsignificantly easy to kill people out of rage. Multiple cases have shown that akilling of an individual is due to the anger they are feeling at the moment.  Guns make it easier for people to commitsuicide. Parents being irresponsible In the way that they are not being carefulof where they locate the gun and teens are getting a hold of them and committingsuicide. The rate of suicide here in the U.

S is increasing drastically.  The CNN news cast states that “The’Self-defense’ argument in favor of guns is often used against gun controllaws, but research suggests that guns in the home are far more likely to kill afriend or a household member, than an intruder.” Having intense requirements onwho is able to buy guns is very important because irresponsible parents areleaving guns out making it easier for teens to commit suicide. Lopez states inthe article Gun control laws that “The empirical research shows thatreducing the number of guns—by reducing access to them, or by immediatelycutting the supply of them through, for example, buyback programs—would lead tofewer deaths.

”                “Thewidespread availability of firearms has made it easier for criminals and peoplewith mental illnesses to perpetrate tragic mass shootings.”(Gun Control Laws 1)Opponents of stronger gun control laws say stronger gun control laws is violatingtheir rights under the second amendment relative to the right of citizens tobear arms. This is a valid point; however, I don’t believe the second amendmentapplies to criminals, people with mental illnesses and other people who pose athreat to themselves and others.

Enforcing stronger gun control laws willprevent people with mental illnesses from purchasing firearms. Althoughmajority of gun owners carefully follow the law using guns for protection orused for the sport. The second amendment states “”A well-regulatedmilitia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of thepeople to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” I support thesecond amendment and the rights of citizens to own guns, but I don’t agree withthe fact that people with mental illnesses or criminals should be allowed toacquire guns that can be used to commit crimes. People that are not in theright mental stage can use the firearms to hurt innocent individuals or evenkill themselves All due to anger.                Strongergun control laws will decrease mass shootings because it will be harder forirresponsible people to purchase guns. Mass shooting is where people go topublic places and kills 3 or more innocent individuals. The three most recentmass shootings that killed lots of innocent people are the Vegas shooting, thegay Pulse nightclub shooting, and the Sutherland Springs church shooting.

TheVegas shooting is reportedly the worst mass shooting in history. StephenPaddock opened fire at a country music festival in the Mandalay Bay Resort andcasino killing 58 innocent individuals and injuring 500 others. Stephen Paddockhad possession of 17 rifles, one contained a “Bump stock” allowing it to fireat a faster rate. After killing and injuring all those individuals StephenPaddock committed suicide.  The gaynightclub shooting occurred on June 12,2016 in Orlando Florida. Omar Mateen isresponsible for this mass shooting killing 49 innocent individuals all becausehe didn’t approve of their sexuality. Omar Mateen used a Sig Sauer MCX rifflewhich is a very powerful rifle in which shoots at a fast rate.

Omar was soonkilled in a gun battle with the police. A gunman opened fire at a SutherlandSprings church killing 26 individuals and injuring 20 others. This Gunman useda Ruger riffle. People should not have access to these kinds of rifles becausethere are being used to create mass shooting killing lots of innocentindividuals. People with a mental illness are primarily responsible for thefrequency of mass shootings in the United States. People who will like topurchase a firearm should be examined by a professional psychologist.

The numberof requirements needed to purchase a firearm needs to increase making it nearlyimpossible for criminals or people with a mental illness from purchasing afirearm. These stronger laws passed will help decrease the amount of massshootings.The debate onwhether the government should enforce stronger gun control laws has caused asplit among U.S citizens. Supporters argue that the accessibility of firearmshave allowed criminals to commit mass shootings, other believe that byenforcing stronger gun control laws it will prevent people from defendingthemselves also people believe it violates the second amendment.

The recentincrease in mass shootings and assault against police officers provide a leewayfor the placement of limits on gun ownership and use (Gun control Laws 9). Eventhough guns are usually utilized for protection, the United States should adoptstronger gun control laws because it helps decrease mass shootings, prevents people with mental illnesses from purchasingfirearms, and helps decrease the overall gun violence.                  GunControl Laws December 5, 2017English 1301Professor Fray Yulisa Peralta


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