Gymnastics one of her coaches, when she was

Gymnastics star Simone Biles had a rough childhood, and was body- shamed, but she never gave up doing what she believed in. Simone Biles is a hero. Through her lifetime, she faced discrimination, but she always kept striving to reach her goals.

Biles was born in Columbus, Ohio, raised by her grandparents. At a young age she became interested in gymnastics, after an accidental field trip. Simone started gymnastics at the age of six. By the age of fourteen middle school was coming to an end, and Simone was becoming more competitive in gymnastics. (Clarke,2016). Simone faced obstacles throughout her life, that no one would even think about. Simone’s mother and father struggled with alcoholic problems.

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Her father walked out on her and her siblings. It was a struggle for her in the beginning, she would need to improve. She would have to practice 32 hours a week, which would make going to public school not possible. She would have to be homeschooled, gymnastics was her priority. (Barron,2018).

Simone was body shamed throughout most of her life, because of how muscular she was. She was called fat by one of her coaches, when she was not performing to the coaches standards. She was told by a coach that she looked like a swallowed deer. Simone Biles had to have surgery to remove her bone spur, from the bottom of her right tibia.

(Phillips,2013). She struggled the first few years in gymnastics. She would fall off the balance beam or face plant when trying to do the bars. (Haupt,2016).

In 2018 Biles joined the #me too, and said she had been also molested by the USA team doctor. (“Simone Biles,” n.d.). In spite of the body shaming, and the struggles through her gymnastics routines, she still got back up and tried it again. She won the all- around U.S.

championship title in 2013. She won gold in the woman’s individual all- around competition in vault and floor. In 2015 she was the first woman to win her running all- around title. She won bronze on a balance bar routine. At the American classic she finished in third place.

In 2016 Biles led the USA team to win a gold medal. In 2017 Simone went on dancing with the stars. Simone Biles has won 19 Olympic and world championship medals. Her signature move is a double-flip, with a half-twist. She was the first African American woman to win gold in the all-around championships.

(Mead,2018). Simone Biles went through life facing discrimination and becoming the first African American woman to win gold in the all-around championships. She was a hero. No amount of body shaming or discrimination can stop her from doing what she loves, and standing up for those who went through the same she has.


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