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Hailing from a humble family in a small Rajasthani town, I’ve had to work hard and smart to find my way, harnessing the power of optimism and self-belief. Seeds of compassion were sown during my upbringing when I discovered the joy of giving through organizing medical camps and educational drives for underprivileged children, river cleaning and tree plantation drives and celebrating festivals with marginalized kids as a family ritual. I look forward to sharing these values with the ISB community. While grounded in my values, I’ve always been in the top 5% of my class in school and college. I gained experience managing teams, securing sponsorships and working within constrained budgets through organizing technical and cultural festivals.

I also incepted a 3D design-based event that was a hit and subsequently became a regular feature of the fest. Bagging first place in an inter-college paper presentation competition boosted my confidence. I bring this passion to excel to the ISB classroom. Within mere months of graduating and joining L&T, I was thrown into a client-facing role for a European aeronautics giant — the first in the company to work on CAA for this client. The challenges I faced honed me professionally, as I was quick to grasp the new technology and increase the team size in six months. Managing various stakeholders and their expectations, I worked with design teams across four geographies and two aircraft programs.

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With these experiences, I would be able to lend a fresh perspective to the ISB cohort.At Geometric, I built the framework for a new product extension from scratch, defined scalability processes and setup a mechanism for automated testing. Delivering this critical project on a tight deadline and with good quality boosted Geometric’s business after a stagnation period of five years by delivering an edge over competitors.

This zeal to drive an idea to fruition would drive me during my time at ISB.My stint with TTL gave me a holistic view of various project activities. While I was pitching our tools and services to prospects, studying their processes to identify the scope for automation and customizations, preparing proposals and quality and test documents, I was also involved in developing tools and mentoring trainees. Further, I undertook a training initiative for four colleagues on CATIA CAA-based customization. Within days of joining the team, I led a pitch to an OEM for a design improvement tool built on CATIA and subsequently drove the design, development and delivery of this project.

Deployment of the tool saved 80% time as compared to the manual process and minimized chances of human error. As industries move towards adopting low-cost automation solutions, this domain experience on design automation would help me contribute to the changing business landscape. I am eager to share and improve this knowledge at ISB.I believe that I bring a balance of maturity, innovative thinking, diverse experiences and humility to ISB through which I would be able to contribute to and imbibe from the combined synergies of the community.


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