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Haley De La GarzaThe film The Help, did an interesting job at portraying the Civil Rights movement and the different lives between the Whites and Blacks. The point of view is between the maids. The movie is not all about Jim Crows days, but it’s about a journalist who interviews maids about working for the Whites and raising their kids.The movie’s period revolves around the Vietnam War. It’s a safe film about a violent topic and goes in depth what the maids had to deal with working for the Whites and the different types of Whites; they work with. The interviews were to expose their working conditions and how their boss would treat them. The film showed opposite as well like characters; Eugenia who didn’t treat the maid harsh because she was raised by one Constantine Jefferson and Celia treats Minnie with respect.

The way they portray the Civil Rights and what the maids had to go through. The film portrays the different situations Whites are in while the Maids are as well. The way the director portrays it because this way we get see both perspective of Whites and Blacks. Aibileen, a maid submerging her grief over the death of her own child and in love the little white girl she’s raising in the shadow of indifferent young mother. The white children are “colorblind” don’t have a racial opinion of the maids that raise them. The nonviolent resistance when one agues wordless for union between two people on opposite sides of race dived ends the tale. The film investigates and portrays racism is not inherit to human nature.

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People would think differently if The Help if the film was focus on different characters. For example, if it was focus on a character Hilly, she would be a completely different film; how close minded she is all she would care about Junior League benefit but then I believe they would go in depth on her past life like why does she treat the maids. Her mother told her, “your father turned you like this”. So, I would like to know how was her relationship with her father.One of the problems about the film, they did not go in depth about all the characters’ past. I believe we would have a better understanding about the Whites.

Maybe how some of them always wanted to stand up about the maids but were to afraid.


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