Hamlet he hates his uncles and is upset

Hamlet is an opposite from horatio (Secrets , Crazy , No secrets , Sane).                               Both Hamlet And Horatio play a big part in the storyline. Their crazy adventures and diabolical plots is what keeps the story going. But before we begin comparing Hamlet and Horatio and their differences, let’s first describe each character and what they represent in the show.

    Hamlet is the prince of Denmark, the focus of the show. Hamlet is the son of Queen Gertrude and the late King Hamlet, and the nephew of the present king, Claudius. Although he hates his uncles and is upset with his mothers sexuality, personality wise smart, although he is bitter and indecisive. Horatio is Hamlet’s faithful and courageous friend.

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Almost like a sidekick, Horatio supports almost every decision Hamlet makes throughout the show. Horatio is intelligent and very supportive.     Together , Hamlet and Horatio both encounter the ghost of Hamlet’s father. The comparison between the two though would come from the way they handle the situation.

Hamlet is going “mad” with the thought of his Father’s ghost, trying his hardest to get everyone else to see it just like he does. Throughout the whole story, the Ghost of his father almost alters Hamlet’s personality traits and decisions to a whole 360. Horatio is what’s known as a “rational thinker”. He didn’t believe in the ghost until he witnessed it for himself. It also didn’t drive him crazy or have the same effect of him like it did Hamlet.     Horatio is almost that backbone that keeps hamlet as close to sane as possible.

Horatio seems to accept the world as it is handed to him where Hamlet is driven by his impulse question all apparent truths. Even other characters like Marcellus and Barnardo admire Horatio’s intellect enough to want his opinion about the ghost, but no one accuses Horatio of talking or thinking too much. They do believe, like everyone else in that Hamlet’s truth is questionable. However, it is more of Hamlet’s concern than Horatio’s considering that the ghost is his father.    In conclusion, Hamlet and Horatio were almost in separatable.

They balanced each other out, more so Horatio balancing Hamlet out. In my opinion, everyone needs a friend like Horatio who would go out their way to help their friend weather you their opinion is unpopular or not. If they strongly believe in something, you should believe and support them just as much, but also don’t guide them in the wrong direction. Be their backbone.


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