happening numbers of one category of people

happening so are there any challenges about going global any of you who have been involved with this sort of already know that answer it’s extremely dynamic and there are three major challenges that I want to talk about next they are cultural diversity economic considerations in terms of development and purchasing power and the political regulatory climate so we’ve talked about the what now we’re going to talk about
the why it’s interesting and why it’s a challenge so what is culture
well Gertz Hofstede who’s a dutch expert on cross-cultural studies within
individual societies and organizations says the culture is the collective
programming of the mind that distinguishes the numbers of one
category of people from those of another put another way it’s a way of living that’s transmitted from one generation to another and is often shown through societal organizations and the way people live it can have both physical and non-physical attributes I know that might sound a bit strange but think physical in terms of things like clothing and tools cars I don’t know iPhones non-physical religion attitudes beliefs values those sort of things and have both conscious and unconscious
values ideas attitudes and symbols so having said all that we’ve sort of outlined it culture should be really


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