hapter 8

hapter 8: Conclusion
The research paper empirically investigates relationship between ownership structure and financial performance of an organization. It involves determining the importance of dependent variables like directorial ownership, government ownership, institutional ownership, foreign ownership and public ownership. Research is based on a sample of 99 enlisted organizations from 4 different sectors of Bangladesh and 5 years (2012-2016) of financial data from respective annual reports. Results obtained from regression analysis are similar to the findings of most studies in the literatures mentioned in this research.
Overall, the findings of research state that there is no significant relationship between the majority of variables determining ownership structure and Return on Assets, although the effect is positive but is insignificant. Foreign ownership has significant effect on Return on Asset meaning that ROA will increase with more foreign ownership.
Similar results have been observed for relationship between ownership structure and Return on Equity where the relationship is insignificant but effect is negative. No dependent variable is significant enough to cause negative effect on the relationship.
Hence, it cannot be concluded that ownership structure affects organizational performance.


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