Hardware: that captures images from photographic publications,

Hardware:Is anything physical that can be touched in the computer, which may be different devices in the computer.

Timothy,O.(2019).Computing essentials.27E.McGrawHill education.Hardware components types:First: Output devices.is prepared information or data. Which is regularly appears as content, designs, photographs, sound, or potentially video.

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For instance, when you make an introduction utilizing an introduction illustrations program, you commonly input content and designsTimothy,O.(2019).Computing essentials.27E.

McGrawHill education.Examples of Output devices.1-Printer: A device that accepts the output of text and graphics from a computer and transfers information to paperUses of printer in Cairo Bank in the department of HR, which is Print reports on human resources such as attendance and departure, vacations, salaries and wages, performance appraisal reports, etc.Second: Input devices.is any information or guidelines gone into a PC.

They can come specifically from you or from different sources. You give input at whatever point you utilize framework for application programsTimothy,O.(2019).Computing essentials.27E.McGrawHill education.

1-Scanner: Is a device that captures images from photographic publications, posters, magazine pages, and similar sources for editing and displaying the computer Uses of scanner in Cairo Bank in human resources management, the scanner is used to photograph the working files containing the graduation certificate, the birth certificate, in addition to the other identification materials, as well as retaining the salary scale and the functional gradient of the worker.Software:The system software is not a single program. It is a collection or system of programs that deal with hundreds of technical details without the intervention or intervention of the user.

Timothy,O.(2019).Computing essentials.27E.McGrawHill education.

Software have 2 layers which is Operating system, Database or application server First Operating system:Is a system software that manages computer hardware and software and provides shared services for computer programsSuch as windows server which is a suite of operating systems designed by Microsoft that supports enterprise-class management and storage of data, and communications, applications.Second Database or Application serverDatabase should have high storage to store and manage databases; data, usually in structured form.Application server a programmatic framework that provides both facilities for creating web applications and the server environment to run them.Software have many types such as HR system which is used in BANK DU CAIRE which company (ORKAL) is designed the HR systemIs a program for recording data located in different sections of the human resources sector, it is divided into a group of subprogram’s in each section separately as shown belowFirst, Appointments Section:All data relating to applicants for the job vacancies in the Bank are recorded by preparing an annual recruitment plan that reflects the needs of the different sectors of the Bank for new employees to fill vacant positions.Second, the Personnel Affairs Department:in which data are recorded for all employees in the bank as follows(A) Personnel-related data such as name, Date of birth, Personal card number, Qualifications Years of experience (B) Work data for employees such as vacations, transfers, promotions and sanctionsThird, the wages and salaries section:In which attendance and departure are recorded and various wage elements such as basic pay, variable wages, incentives, bonuses, switches and various deductions such as taxes and social insurance to reach the net salary of each employeeFourth: Training Section:In which the training courses obtained by the worker during his work in the bank are recorded and an annual training plan is prepared by assessing the annual performance of the employeesFifth: Institutional Development Section:The organizational structure of the Bank’s various segments is also developed.

Job analysis, job descriptions and job evaluation are carried out in the Bank to identify the skills required to perform each function of the Bank.Communication:Communication is a critical component that decides the benefit and productivity of any saving money foundation. No banking institution can attract and retain a broad customer base without starting better and more effective communication strategiesFirst: Human resources are communicated with outside the bank through the official website of the bank. This site advertises the vision of human resources in the bank and the strategy of human resources that achieve the objectives of the bank.Second: Human resources are maintained with all employees in the bank through e-mail to announce the information that all employees should know, such as announcing official vacations and new appointments in the management functions, announcing the new branches of the bank and implementing new systems in the bank.

Third: A special department for complaints and inquiries of employees is established. These complaints and inquiries are received from all employees, such as complaints of promotions, grievances against grievances and grievances against the evaluation of the performance and grievance of promotions in the bank, which are studied, analyzed and answered.(Tawadrous, General Manager Change, Transformation & Reengineering, 2018)(Sayed, Deputy General Manager IT Sector Infrastructure Manager, 2018)


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