Hardy of ancient times and also in

Hardy is defined as classic of English literature as well as regional novelist, master of personalities and circumstances, the first real artist of nature and human nature. Thomas Hardy is one of the brightest realist at the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century. At that time, a new stage in the development of the English literature was initiated. This was categorized with the clash between the devotees of realism and the new modernist artistic directions. From his predecessors he learned to raise interesting and interesting problems, to tell interesting stories, to mold his characters into interesting ones and to describe his environment in his writings. His characteristics of pessimism, fatalism and tragedy defines hardy as the first creator of tragic novels in the English literature.

The reason of this world view goes back in to his homeland full with remains of ancient times and also in his inability to understand the social changes occurring in England. The disappointment of the village atheist from the big city, regarded by him as the symbol and source of evil, disintegration of the patriarchal peasant family, which he idealizes as a symbol of strong morality and real moral virtues becomes central theme in his novels.

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