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Harriet A. Jacobs Incidents in the “life of a Slave woman” is a life story written by the name of Linda Brant. The autobiography may be an elaborate account of her life or lack therefrom. I exploit the term lack therefrom as a result of Harriet Jacobs was raised by her grandparent thanks to her mother dying at a young age. Harriet was tutored to read as a young slave woman by her mistress.Harriet’s grandparent was a well-respected older slave lady who gained her freedom. Jacobs did not want to be raped or surrender all her rights to anyone. Jacobs didn’t know she was a slave until she was a teen.

Her mother had died and therefore the unhappy reality of her life as a slave hit. Harriet was raised to possess nice ethical character and virtue. Throughout this point in history, black girls were “slaves of a slave” ( p.13). Frances Beal created that observation thanks to black girls being subservient and degraded by their slave house owners and their black men. Not all slave house owners allowed their slaves to marry.

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Therewith in mind, black girls typically were used and used by their own race and their masters. Jacobs displays nice determination to stay faithful chastity despite constant stalking and humiliating remarks by Dr. Flint.

In 1842 Harriet Jacobs escapes to freedom, this was at a good worth she gave herself willingly to a lawyer, she gave birth to 2 kids. Jacobs hid in an exceedingly 3foot crawl area at her grandmother’s home for seven years. There was no space for her to face up in the little area. Mice and insects crawled on her body and she hid there to avoid Dr. Flint. Jacobs’s story may be a testament to what determination can manufacture. Jacobs’s construction of black feminine was displayed throughout her story. She didn’t enable intimidation to ban her from the basic cognitive process within the hope that she was over a slave.

Harriet displayed this, she stayed one step before Dr. Flint. To speak of the brutality that was perpetrated by slave house owners on slave women and ladies was taboo. In addition to the fact that it was forbidden, it was unbelievable. Harriet Jacobs Jacob was given a solid will and mind by God. She added to what God gave her by taking the counsel of her grandma.

Amid this black females were assaulted, attacked, tormented, corrupted and misused financially. Black women were picking cotton, cooking and cleaning their homes and nursing the white women’s babies while most occasions their kids were being disregarded. There was no conceivable way you had a privilege since you were property and property can’t claim property.

Jacobs knew she had a mind and could have a problem-solving attitude and regardless of what society had directed to her race and to black women. “In Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl”, Jacobs does not use her actual name. She uses Linda Brent. By Jacobs separates “life and narrative, between the experience of slavery and the conventional ways of telling the story of slavery” (497). This helps the story concentrate more on the political purpose rather than the personal story.

This casts her as part of a community of persecuted people rather than just a person with a sad, incredible story. It lets the reader know that this is happening to not only her but also other black people.


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