HARRY brown hair. She is the trio’s brains

HARRY POTTER the protagonist of the story, who is gradually transformed from a timid boy to THE powerful hero by the end.

When Harry was just one year old, his parents, James and Lily, were murdered by the most powerful Dark Wizard, Lord Voldemort.  He is also sometimes known as ‘the boy who lived’. For the first eleven years of his life harry lives with his surly and cold aunt and uncle and is unaware of his wizarding roots. It is only on his eleventh birthday that he learns he is a  is a wizard and has been ACCEPTED to Hogwarts. He shows himself to be humble, caring and shrewd, a loyal friend, and an excellent Quidditch player. He became the youngest Seeker in a century.RON WEASLEYThe youngest son of a large pure blood family and Harry’s best friend at Hogwarts.

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  He is freckled, red-haired and quite tall. Although Ron ADMITS the difficulties of being the youngest son of a poor wizarding family (resulting in constant hand-me-downs), he rarely expresses any rancour to his family. Ron proves himself to be a loyal friend to both Harry and Hermione and a brilliant player of wizarding chess.HERMIONE GRANGER  Initially she was an annoying know-it-all who studies too much and obeys the school rules too avidly. She has a bossy sort of voice, and bushy brown hair. She is the trio’s brains who is very swotty and bookish.

Her parents are muggle dentists. Her adventure with the troll in the girl’s bathroom with Harry and Ron reveals fortitude and braveness to be more important than mere academic prowess, and her willingness to take the blame for the situation cements her friendship with Ron and Harry.DRACO MALFOY Draco is Harry’s arch-enemy at Hogwarts. A thin boy with a pale, pointed face and a sneering expression, Malfoy is in Slytherin house. He believes himself to be superior to Harry and hates him and all his friends.

Draco constantly boasts about being a pureblood wizard and his family’s wealth and societal status.PROFESSOR ALBUS DUMBLEDORE THE HEADMASTER OF HOGWARTS and one of the most famous and powerful wizards of all time. HE IS TALL, THIN  with HALF-MOON GLASSES, and A LONG CROOKED NOSE AND FLOWING SILVER HAIR AND BEARD. HE WAS THE ONLY ONE VOLDEMORT WAS FRIGHTENED OF. A supremely talented wizard, Dumbledore was benevolent and wise and gave off an aura of serenity and composure, rarely displaying intense emotions.

RUBEUS HAGRID Hagrid is the Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts. AN OAFISH half-giant, with LONG tangled black hair and HUGE beard. He is almost twice as tall as A NORMAL MAN and AT LEAST five times as wide.  Hagrid has a liking for strange and dangerous creatures, especially dragons. He was expelled from Hogwarts and his wand was snapped in half, yet he performs magic with aPROFESSOR MINERVA McGONAGALL Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall is a rather SEVERE-looking woman, with her black hair drawn into a tight bun on her head.

Professor McGonagall is Head of Gryffindor house and is the Transfiguration teacher and sometimes transforms herself into a cat. She was a strict disciplinarian, maintaining control of her students with a stern hand.PROFESSOR SEVERUS SNAPE.  professor Snape is the potions master at Hogwarts.  He is a thin man with sallow skin, uneven, yellowish teeth, a hooked nose and greasy, shoulder-length black hair who had a very cold voice.  He was the head of Slytherin house.

  Harry’s father James and Snape detested each other during when they were students hence he had a strong dislike of harry potter. James had saved his life so he felt himself responsible for harry.  He tried to save Harry from Quirrell’s broom jinx during the Quidditch match


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