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HarukiMurakami has fluctuating types of styles to show of his work.

Love that is truealways find its way back; if it does not, it is not love according to the shortstory of “On Seeing The 10% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning” by HarukiMurakami. The person speaking, is to be anonymous, while crossing paths with afemale during his younger years who he seems to be his 100% girl that isperfect (pg.68). Being in doubt of love at the first glance of sight, theboy and girl part ways and pray, once separated the one aspect that willcombine the two in the future of crossing paths again will be true love. Yearsafter the traumatic event that spurred into memory lost approximately fourteenyears later, the paths have been crossed for another time but not like thefirst time, without saying a single word; they have crossed eachother. Chances have crossed their lives again, but mentally the two adultswere still unknown to each other’s true identity. In reality, what if ourcurrent spouse is not our true love, what if we had passed our true love in thestreets, in a car, or even during a certain class or what if there is no suchthing as true love?              Settings, in the aspect of where thetwo of them met assists the audience to create a normal meeting with apassionate sense of excitement.

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 With the meeting being specified on thetwo edges of each street. The Author had made plans to make loving male andgirl seem to have met each other at that specific corner for a certain reason, nervousnessmade the him still, in a paralyzed state of mind, awkwardly making the incidentseem so perfect. Youth hearts believed the love was true also knowing that theyare forever lovers.

they move to an equally romantic setting of the story. Sittingand meeting by a garbage can was not an option to obtain the “lovers” feelingswards the audience would gain from the two meeting each other there; they siton a bench next to a beautiful parkland where they continue to grasps eachother’s palms. Many relationships flourish while being able to spend timeat a certain beautiful location similar to that of a park, believed to be thereaders intentions to gain a better mental picture of what was going on.Playing and talking around an old boring school, or a restaurant would not givethe same vibe as to that of a meeting within a park.             Tomake audience picture how strong the kid felt in that short time spam on how hetruly believed the female was the perfect fit for him the author used much offiguration. Figuration comes to play when thorns of a rose symbolized thehardships and pain to some, but protection and safety to others. Thenarrator of this story gives great important on how he was attracted to girls’noses, while not being able to realize if his perfect match was fitted forhaving an attractive nose. The nose is one of the easiest features to recognizeon the face.

A girl, contributes to her level of prettiness; a large or petitenose, relative to the face, makes her more or less physically likeable. Thefirst attraction is usually when the opposite sex has vision of the physicalattributes; however, the boy in the story makes it known that the way he feltabout the girl were not physical. The feeling of the true love that hefelt without talking to her before was incredibly strong that he did not careto pay attention to, the one thing that fantasies the most on females; thenostrils in between the big pretty eyes.          Symbolismis seen throughout the story, which gives more emotion and throughout HarukiMurakami’s short story. The episode of the shortstory, when the perfect lady is seen in a distance wielding a white envelopehas some symbolism behind it as well (pg.72).

For Example, typically aletter would be inside an envelope compared to something small and meaninglesslike a simple note. Not only that aspect of the scenario but why is sheclinching the envelope, why does she not have it in her purse or in a backpack?The reason why she is holding the envelope, in my opinion, is because it isimportant. She does not want to get it dirty by putting it in a backpack andshe probably does not want to get in wrinkled in a purse, for the reason beingthat it is most likely a vital letter compared to a simple meaningless note. Personally,the author made the audience feel as if it is contained in the envelope becauseit gives the boy a sense of suspicion, that is unrevealed to the boy. The actof suspicion worked on the boy because he has high hopes to discuss theenvelope to her, but is so knocked down mentally by doubt because his past willbe demolished by reality (pg.71); so, he chooses back down from his advance. Whilenot caring about how she feels at that present moment, he is positive that heis the missing ink to her letter.

          HarukiMurakami shows that the point of true love will find its way no matter whatobstacles like time and memory loss. The boy and the girl were thencarried by in order to have a better understanding of the theme of a story, thereader must be able to fully engage in the text as if being present in it. Provingthe point that love will prevail over anything, no matter what situation youare in the love will find you and it will be true to itself. While not beingable to realize that the love was pure within each other fate would test themonce more in the future, making this sad story not so sad.


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