Hasty relationships later on. In Shakespeare’s play,

Hasty decisions are bound to have an influence on relationships. Impulsiveness is a trait many characters in Romeo and Juliet demonstrate, this affects their own and other individuals’ relationships. When someone acts on impulse there are often consequences that affect your relationships later on.

In Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet, the playwright demonstrates that acts of impulsiveness can greatly affect your relationships and the relationships of those around you due to the fact that these acts of impulse are not very well thought out and can result in unanticipated outcomes. Shakespeare uses spontaneous, hasty decisions to shape relationships throughout the play. When an individual makes a spontaneous important decision, it has the capability of directly affecting their personal relationships. When Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, slays Mercutio Romeo decides in the heat of the moment that he would avenge Mercutio. This in return would take a toll on the love between Romeo and Juliet, when Romeo decided he would engage in combat with Tybalt. Romeo did not consider the affect it would have on his relationship with Juliet, Romeo didn’t once think about how his love would react to this. This putting Juliet in a difficult state, whether or not she loves Romeo or hates him.

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Much like when Lord Capulet planned Juliet’s wedding with Paris


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