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Hate is such an easy word to so use often and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that it is a word that I probably use repeatedly, sometimes without even realizing it. Its easy to say you hate something you don’t like or didn’t enjoy, such as movies, food, and publications. I could thing of plenty things i woulds say i “hate”. For example, I hate snickerdoodles, country music, and butterflies. But its also easy to have hatred towards people with contradiction ideas and opinions.

For example, white supremacy groups are people hate anyone who isn’t white. But on the opposite side, there are groups who hate white supremacy groups for hating other races. Some people would say the groups opinions are racist and spread bigotry. While some people who don’t even understand their ideals hate them because, well they just do.

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They were where taught from the beginning that they’re all bad people, and all bad people should be hated. But you have to ask yourself if either of these reasons really justifiable? Is the hatred of these group any less evil than the their hatred for the other races? I would say “pfft, uh yeah of course they’re wrong” and yeah, even if they are, they believe that they are just as right as you and I would be for believing the opposite. They believe that we are just as wrong for not supporting their views and opinions. Hatred is a strong and addictive feeling that we easily give into. And when we do, we are no different from those we hate. There is no justification behind hating people, its nothing more than a waste of energy that we could be using on something more positive and productive.

I mean, Everybody has been wrong about something, or on the opposite side of a discussion/argument at some point in their lives. Surely we shouldn’t be hated because we can’t be right all the time. Instead we should come to a mutual understanding by listening to each others views and being considerate of each others feelings. Sometimes you have to understand that we cant control other peoples opinions, just like they cant control ours.


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