Have University, playing the violin improves memory

Have you guys ever heard of a sad violinist? That was me two years agowhenever I played my violin for someone before she passed away. Iwas like a puppy who lost his toy. Even though that was two years ago, Istill remember the smile on put on her face. Picking up the violin has donemuch for me.

Everyone in here can play the violin. Everyone can receive all thebenefits if they just start playing.              Playing the violin not only gives us emotional support,but it also gives mental benefits. According to a research study by McMaster University, playing the violinimproves memory and attention span. This instrument might keep a class awake rather thanmaking them zombies. Not only does playing the violin give you superior mental power,but it also gives enhanced brain development, which helps fight braindisorders.

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AtDeBakey, every student needs at least one year of fine arts to graduate. Joiningthe school orchestra is a great way to both start your musical career and gainthe fine arts credit. What’s more fun than gaining your orchestra credit whileplaying alongside your friends? I played in the school orchestra and gained a sense of teamwork andcompassion, that we all loved playing our instruments. Playing differentpieces that the conductor chose also brings you a little bit of history,playing classical music fromthe 6 year old composer or Mr. Four Seasons. I got to experience how allthe instruments work together in an orchestra to create harmonies and melodies.

            The whole journey that I embarked with my violin changedme from a sad violinistto a contented violinist. Though I came along some tough times as a violin player, being aviolinist has brought me concentration, a sense of teamwork, and dedicationtowards my instrument. Weas a class, we people, we can play in an orchestra. We can score better on tests. We can have funwhile gaining our fine arts credit. We can put smiles on people’s face.

We can do all ofthis if we all pick up the violin and start playing. 


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