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Have you ever wondered if Earth was the only planet that there is to support life? TRAPPIST-1 is a solar system found 39 light years away found by many telescopes. We believe that 3 of the planets are in the habitable zone, meaning support life. The technology was so advanced and efficient that our telescopes could see 39 light years away. However, it is 39 light years away, since light is the fastest thing in the universe, it would take 39 years for light to reach it.

Nothing we have built can go at that speed, so it would take more than 39 years to reach it.How does the advancement of technology help astronomers to find new planets suitable for life by providing more detail, discovering planets outside of our solar system such as TRAPPIST-1, and creating advanced telescopes. The advancement of Technology that was used to find TRAPPIST-1 was very advanced to find new planets in solar systems and possibly some with life.The trappist 1 solar system is way way more older than our current solar system. “Trappist 1 star is quite old between 5.

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4 and 9. 8 billion years this is up to twice as old as our own solar system which formed 4.5 billion years ago” This shows that with the advancements of technology it helped astronauts find 7 new planets that is 39 light years away even though no aircraft can get their with the technology advancing astronomers could see the activity of the planets.

“Our results have really help constrain the evolution of trappist 1 system because the system was to have persisted for billions of years.” Since the trappist 1 solar system is way older than our own solar system and the technology helped astronomers know everything about the trappist 1 b even if it older.Next Nasa Investments of million dollars on their space technology over the past decade has made major Discoveries in over time. “The overall price tag for NASA to help develop the Dragon cargo capsule was about $307 million, while the space agency’s cost for the Cygnus capsule was $251 million, according to the study.

” This shows that NASA spends millions of dollars on new technology that is advanced and efficient because we found a solar system that is so far away. “The SLS and Orion — which are being built through traditional pricey contracts — has cost NASA around $3 to $4 billion each year to develop, and it probably won’t fly until 2020.” This shows that NASA spent billions of dollars on technology that is going to be so advanced and efficient to see farther than 39 light years away.And it shows how Nasa is Investing millions of dollars over the past years to find life in other solar systems.

Which has help the development of new telescopes that can discover new planets from our solar system suitable for life and make major discoveries in space in over time.With new technology astronomers have been able to find new planets with hopes of extraterrestrial life. “40 light-years is a relatively short distance, which makes observing this system a bit easier with our telescopes. Plus, peering into the planets”. The advancements of telescopes helps astronomers get even closer to the planets to see what is occurring and  have possible hopes of extraterrestrial life. Gillon States, “Of course it is super exciting, but what makes the system so special is that all these seven planets are suited for detailed Atmospheric characterization,” says Gillon. This shows that finding the seven planets was one of the best thing but what is most exciting is that all of the 7 planets might be suitable for life and with having highly advanced telescopes will help get a clear image inside of the planets.

In Conclusion,the technology that was used to find TRAPPIST 1 was very advanced and efficient because we were able to find new planets and some with life. All technologies such as telescopes were advanced enough to find 7 earth like planets. TRAPPIST-1 has 7 planets with 3 to support life and all the technology was advanced and efficient to find the planets.


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