Have the following scenario ever happened to you?

Have the following scenario ever happened to you? It is a Sunday evening, and you just realise that both of the Maths report and English essay is due tomorrow. Knowing that you should start doing school work immediately, you suddenly find yourself unable to concentrate while your mind starts to be flooded with disappointed faces of your parents and images of C minuses on your final report. If similar situations have occurred to you, congratulations, you have experienced an indispensable state of senior years – stress. I assume we all have felt stress or heard the word quite frequently these days, but does anyone know how it affect us on a psychological and physical level? To answer these questions, we need understand what exactly is stress, as it’s crucial to clarify the definition if we wish to explore deeper into this topic.

Generally speaking, stress is an response when people are faced with challenging or dangerous situations. Study shows that experiencing stress is a natural part of life, as a limited amount of stress helps increase energy, alertness, and productivity in needed situations. However, if the duration of stress exceeds human’s capability to cope, it can become really harmful for our physical as well as psychological health. stress is a hardwired physical response that travels throughout your entire body. In the short term, stress can be advantageous, but when activated too often or too long,

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