Have objective of this essay is to

Have you been to a concert? Did you enjoy it? I hope so. To enjoy these displays of talent and musicianship there are ways to enjoy it yourself and also to help others enjoy it. The objective of this essay is to impress upon you the importance of knowing how to enjoy a concert and also help the people around you do it, too. Step 1.

Dress. Before attending your concert, the most obvious choice is what to wear. What should I wear, you say? Well, for a female an appropriate choice would be a nice suit or dress. A male would wear a nice shirt, perhaps a tie and suit jacket.

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Avoid rips, holes, and tears and probably not jeans or short skirts. The point of dressing nicely is to show respect for the people around you and the performer(s), my biggest point of this essay.Step 2. Arriving appropriately. When going to a concert, you should arrive 5-10 minutes beforehand, so you don’t disrupt the audience coming in late.

Once you arrive, you should take a seat and get ready for the performance to start. Small chatter with nearby audience members is acceptable but once the lights dim, talk should cease immediately for the respect of the performer(s) and others. If you find that a neighboring individual is still making noise it is okay to respectfully ask them to be quiet.Step 3.

During the Concert. Once you have been seated and the program has started you must stay seated. Usually, most concert personnel will ask you to turn off all electronic devices that could disrupt the concert. Although you may have great emotion for the music, humming and clapping to the music is completely repugnant. Don’t talk or make noise that is distracting and unneeded. Eating, drinking or smoking is, on all counts, unacceptable.

Any disrespectful behavior should not be exhibited for both the audiences’ and performer(s)’ sake. The point is to focus your full attention to the stage until the performance has concluded.Step 4. Applause. Applause is most gratifying for the performer(s) because through applause, the audience is showing their appreciation for the performer(s) hard work. While the concert is progressing, there are several opportunities for applause.

If the conductor or performers have entered or exited the stage or a major work has been finished, applause is necessary. If the performer(s) are playing something that includes more than one movement withhold your applause until the whole thing has been played. Step 5.

Intermission. If there is an intermission provided, you will have 10-15 minutes to use the bathroom, get a drink, and refreshments may be provided. Talking and chatting with other attendees during this time is fine.

Once people start filtering towards the auditorium or hall, you should follow them. You should dispose of any food you haven’t eaten, because usually auditoriums don’t allow food and beverages in it.Step 6.

After the Concert. After the concert, conversing with others about the concert and traditional small talk is standard. You might be able to meet the performers backstage or autographs might be done in a foyer of some type. Autographs help people to bring home a little souvenir of musical magic.

Once you are done, you will leave.So, now you’ve been to a concert, you know what to do? Your actions will be up to snuff? Can I count on you to go to one yourself? If all concert goers adopt this behavior, everyone can enjoy these wonderful exhibitions of art.


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