Have Capulet; there is a feud between

Have you ever felt having a butterfly in your stomach? Strangely smiling while staring at the galaxies? Always seeing the same face in different persons while you’re walking? If yes, well then you’re in love. Love is when you do everything, fight everyone and beat all the odds just to win the one you truly love. William Shakespeare wrote a tragic love story entitled “Romeo and Juliet”. According to Lee (2017), the date of publication of this novel was unknown but in year 1594 or 1595 it was first performed. This story is all about the two young lovers named Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet; there is a feud between their families that’s why it is not easy for them to show their affection for each other to their families.

Lord Capulet settle a marriage for Juliet and Paris, without knowing that her daughter is already married to Romeo. Juliet refuses and she went to Friar Laurence to ask for help, the Friar gave her a potion to make her asleep for at least two days. Romeo saw Juliet that is already dead he drinks a potion but when Juliet wakes up and saw Romeo dead she stab herself and that ends their life.

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For the sake of Romeo and Juliet, both families agree to end their feud and start a peaceful life after the tragic incident


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