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Have you ever heard someone say, “I love homework because it really helps me to revise and process the material learned in class”? because I haven’t. I’m sure homework is one of the unique evils that we can all relate to. I believe homework should be banned because it can be very hard on those with difficult living situations, research shows that it puts students off learning and it takes time away from doing activities that students actually enjoy that could be more beneficial to their wellbeing.My first reason is that not all students have the same living situations. In fact, 27% of children in New Zealand live in poverty. Students whose families have less money, may need to need to pull more weight and help out in their home.

Just think about, if a student, after six hours of school, then goes to work for a few hours and then comes home to even more duties and then has homework after that? They’re going to be extremely tired. If you had to go home and cook, take care of others, and then deal with a pile of other responsibilities, hours of homework on top of all that would make you want homework banned as well. Most of the time, all of this leads to not being able to complete homework, which overall leads to lacking grades.

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Homework shouldn’t determine whether someone passes a class or not, especially when students may be dealing with much more serious issues or demanding responsibilities at home. Therefore, homework should be banned..

One known negative effect of homework is that it takes time away from students that could be spent doing activities they actually enjoy. Not enough time to do enjoyable activities can be extremely unhealthy for young, developing brains and can result in depression and a loss of sense of self.Finally, at the end of the day, homework just puts students off learning altogether. Studies have shown that many children find doing homework very stressful, boring and tiring. Often teachers always underestimate how long a task will take and set an unrealistic deadline. Sometimes because a teacher has not explained something new well in class, the homework task is impossible! From the mistakes of our teachers, we end up paying with our free time! And guess what? We also suffer punishments if work is done badly or handed in late.

After years of bad homework experiences, it is no wonder that many kids come to dislike school, switch off in class or even drop out too early. Therefore, homework should be banned


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