Have school’s out, and unfortunately, more teen drivers

Have you ever known that driving in summer more dangerous than in winter? It has well documented throughout Canada and the United States that more people die in collisions during the hot summer months! Many drivers think that they are more likely to get into a collision when conditions are terrible; when it’s cold and there is ice and snow on the road.

But the reality is that the risk of traffic accidents remains quite high in summer when the weather and environment condition are usually gentler. The first reason is when school’s out, and unfortunately, more teen drivers on the road and this can be mean danger for the rest of the drivers. Another reason why driving in summer is more dangerous is because of heat. The hot weather causes the air inside your tires to extend, which can lead to a blowout in worn out wheels.

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When warmer weather hits people like to get out, and because of the warm weather this is the perfect time of construction. These are the main reasons why summer driving is more dangerous then in winter. Reading further you can learn more about how driving in certain months similar and at the same time different.


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