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Have you ever wondered why college education has been a big impact in today’s society? Education level is strongly focused on professional outcomes and how students can transition from a college and university atmosphere to a professional workplace and getting a better life.

Higher education will allow them to find lucrative careers that have high salaries and getting a better life. By doing so most students face the important question as they approach this point in life. The decision on which college to attend and where most students having issues finding the right college to attend. Guidance counselors are making the right move by encouraging their students to first attend community college are usually less expensive, classes schedules are flexible and easier to get accepted. To begin with, community college is basically a lot cheaper than going to a university. Guidance counselors encouraging their students to attend community college for their first two-years and then transfer to a four years-years college or university. This give the opportunity for many students because it helps students to save up money before attending four-years college and university. Most student attend a two-years community college to fulfill their general education requirement and their credits can be transferred to a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree.

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Not all student going to a community college just because it is cheaper, it basically means that they can’t offer the college they want to attend or their parents financial aid can’t afford the college or university the students want to attend. Students struggle with financial during college and university and other have to take extra job to for pay their tuition. For some students, community college is a chance to make for students who have a poor high school transcript or GPA.

For others it’s an opportunity to get extra academic guidance and support.In addition, attending a community college will give students more flexible schedule to make the most convenient time for students, it really depends on the student and the student’s parents. Community colleges offer many more night courses, and class schedules are flexible for students who are working to save money. Community college it’s an opportunity to get extra academic guidance and support for many students. From what I learn going to Hudson County Community College during my high school taking class for sociology, classes were smaller in community college and the professor took more time get to know students. They offered guidance and discussed how they could help students to succeed. Unfortunate for me, Hudson Community College doesn’t have the major I want to do. It gives students more time to decide on career they want to do.

Pursuing this further, community college are easier to get accepted, have the available for more support that can sometimes be know for helping students who struggled in high school. Every student has different intelligence levels and it allows student who have struggles in high school take their time on courses while potentially have a small workload. It can help student succeed by encouraging them to take rigorous coursework and bring their skills, and especially in english and math. Community college are the best for some students who plan on working full-time and part-time job while earning their degree, and then when student are ready to apply to the college and university they want to attend, and also they look more mature students.

Many student who otherwise can’t afford the cost of attending a traditional four-year college or university, attending a community college might just end up being their best option,In conclusion, for some students community college providing students with much more better value opportunity than four-years college and university. Not only are community college is less expensive, in many case, some students may not want to spend more money attending four-years college and university, when they can attend community college at a lower cost. Spending two years in community college can give student time to work and save up for their four-year college and university of their choice.


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