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Having a common sense of purpose in any organisation is important as it sets out its guiding principles, which all levels of the organisation can strive towards, it units the organisation at all levels, from the associate on the shop floor to the managing director of the company, its a frame work for everyone to work towards, this unites the team at all levels.
At Jaguar Landrover this common scene of purpose is known as the “Company Vision.” It defines the companies purpose and identity, and the values it stands for.
Its aim is to motivate and engage people, without this common understanding of the companies goals, and principles people have nothing to measure their day to day work efforts against, and the will to do their best, the loss of this “will to do the right thing” will result in the loss of productivity and quality. A common scene of purpose makes the employee feel a scene of belonging toward the company, or team they work in, it promotes a commitment to the organisation, it drives them to put in that little extra effort, when an employee has bought into this, they develop a loyalty to the company or organisation, they feel more satisfied with their working conditions and pay, and this motivates them to stay with the company, or keep chipping away at that seemingly relentless task.
However the common sense of purpose is not confined to the employees of the company only, it also reflects on suppliers and customers, to that company, they feed of the host company as it were, they benefit by association, knowing that they too are part of the host companies success, or have purchased, bought into part of that organisations reputation.


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