Having easily. His ability to handle pressure situations

Having known Mr. Syed Abdul Waseh for the past three years, it gives me immense pleasure to recommend him to your prestigious university. Syed Abdul Waseh was under my close tutelage during his under graduation in our institution having taught him theory courses i.e., Data Structures using C++ and Object Oriented Programming using Java I have also supervised one of his laboratory courses spanning over a three-year period.Syed Abdul Waseh has always been an active participant in classroom discussions and has excelled in all the subjects that I have taught him, consistently performing well overall.

He has always been an alert student in the class room and he is an attentive listener focusing on the subject and raising queries to clarify doubts. His involvement in practical experiments is indicative of his abiding interest in the subject. With his diligent study habits and steady application, he maintained his rank among the top ten three in his class.He is a very good student with extraordinary grasping ability which helps his understand even the intricate details very easily. His ability to handle pressure situations and come on top is extremely commendable.

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His never-ending quench for knowledge and ability to reason has impressed me the most. This attitude of his, I am sure, will help him go a long way in this field. His obedience and punctuality are other two exceptional qualities which make him an ideal student.Good communication skills and organizational skills help him to be at the forefront of organizing seminars and group discussion classes. His punctuality and hardworking nature, keep him well ahead.

He maintains a very good rapport with his peers and is a good team player.He has discussed with me in detail about his plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and I believe he has the required knowledge and skill to excel in his course. Also, his well-rounded personality as a result of his variety of his experience will make him an asset to your university. He will do well in the course and will blend well into the new environment. Hence, I strongly recommend Mr.

Syed Abdul Waseh for admission into your university.


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