Haya measures for all. This is accomplished

Haya Water, registered trademark of Oman Wastewater Services Company S.A.O.C, was established in December 2002 as an Omani commercial entity, wholly owned by the legislature of the Sultanate of Oman.

Haya Water has received the admission to create, describe, execute, work and maintain the sewage offices in the governorate of Muscat under Royal Decree No. 69/2005. Haya Water is making steady progress in updating one of the largest construction projects in the area of ??treated wastewater reuse and anticipating the achievement of its essential goal of improving Oman by advancing wellness measures for all. This is accomplished by decreasing the contamination caused by ordinary sewage structures, preventing the spread of disease, pandemics and protecting underground resources from soil contamination, and in addition keeping the water supply for who and what is to come.Haya Water is trying to achieve its water reuse goals in line with the overall strategic plan, given the explosion of development and population development by Muscat governorate to transmit the sewage administrations to Muscat governorate according to the affirmed design.

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Haya Water is currently executing 14 projects; 4 extends to A ‘Seeb, 4 to Al Amirat, 3 to Baushar and 3 to Muttrah.


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