Hazing been stopped completely. Many schools force

Hazing in colleges across the country has turned into an undeniably unsafe custom that is becoming harder to put an end to because of its development into an “underground” action. A standard movement in the seventies, a demonstration of how to start a gathering, has now turned into an action that is prohibited in thirty-nine states However, this custom has not been stopped completely. Many schools force their own punishments against those who participate in it. Numerous fraternities and sororities have sought after this action in an underground design. Since these gatherings and hazing activities have gone underground, a few students of these ceremonies have been harmed and along these lines, in some cases, have died.

This is expected of the “hazers” not looking for help, or medical attention for the student. The hazers expect that they might be fined or charged by police school officials. One estimate expresses that sixty-five students have died between the times of 1978 and 1996. These deaths were from beatings and stress caused from hazing s ceremonies.

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