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He began by mobilizing the infamous Greek phalanx to rip away Asia Minor from the grasp of Persian Empire. He “liberated” Egypt and took on the role as a God. Alexander then marched his army down the Fertile Crescent and added the Old Kingdoms to his Empire. He would eventually set out to conqueror the Persian Empire itself and would do so without a single defeat crossing his path. Although his luck would soon run out. Alexander the Great was on the doorstep of India when his Army had decided that they had grown weary of fighting.

Fearing a mutiny, the great conqueror would be forced to order his army back home. An empire that covered 3,000 miles had been developed and now the journey home would prove to be full of hardships. Whether is was from poison or just pure exhaustion, Alexander would die in Babylon before he even made it home. But before he died he had interwoven himself in relegion, culture and power.

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This would be known to bring along the Hellenistic era. Hellenism is the development of an era where Greek culture and language was spreading around the majority of the Ancient World.


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