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Healables and ConsumablesHealables and shields come in different varieties.

There are healables which only heal health, and shields (excluding chug jugs and slurp juices) only add shield to the health adding extra damage that you can take before getting knocked or eliminated.BandageBandages are the most common healable item, but are also very useful, they drop in groups of five, and can be held up to 15. They heal 15 health per bandage and can only be used Med KitThe second healable item is the Med Kit which takes ten seconds to use but brings you up to 100 health no matter what your status was before. The cons of using this item is that it does take a lot of time to load, which makes you more vulnerable to be a target for a longer period of time.Shield PotionUnlike Bandages and Med Kits which heal your health after you’ve been hit, Shield Potions act as a preventative measure, adding to a second shield bar (if you have found shields) up to, but not exceeding, an extra 100 hp.

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Each Shield Potion adds 50 armors to your character and takes 5 seconds to drink. When you take damage from weapons, your shield bar will be expended before your health bar. However, fall damage and storm damage will still affect your character’s health bar. Small Shield PotionSmall Shields are the smaller version of the Big Shield and fall in packs of three. They take 3 seconds to drink and can only be used up to 50 shield. They can be held up to 10 Slurp JuiceThe Slurp Juice is a consumable that not only adds 25 health to whatever health you currently have, it also adds 25 shields.

Even though it only adds 1 health and 1 shield per second, it is a valuable item to have. It is one of the only 2 items that heals both shields and health.Chug JugUnlike shields, chug jugs heal both health and shield up to max giving a player 200 health in total.

It takes 15 seconds to use and you can only carry one at a time. They are usually good to use after fights if you have low health. They are basically slurp juices, but take about 7.

5 seconds longer to use, and bring health and shield up by 4 times as much.Other Usable and Consumable ItemsPort-a-fortThe port-a-fort is, basically, a portable fort. The small cube with a fort picture of it will deploy a fort.

We assume it can be thrown like a grenade and build from there. The port-a-fort is made of metal. The port-a-fort seems to construct slightly faster than manually made metal structures, but it is not an instant pop-up. Enemies could shoot it down before it is even built, because metal takes a long time to build. Boogie BombBoogie bomb is thrown like a regular grenade but does not do any damage it just creates a distraction. It actually forces players within a certain radius from the blast to dance. When players are dancing, they are not able to build, fire weapons or use any other items.

Impulse GrenadeThe impulse grenade is a grenade that does no damage, but impulses enemies or yourself far away. If falling down, you may be able to eliminate yourself or others by fall damage, it is the perfect thing to use if you want to troll other players.Remote ExplosiveRemote explosives(c4s), are sticky grenades sort of like dynamite to blow up stuff. They are good to put near a door somewhere in a house or shop depending where it is, and then when the enemy walks in, you press whatever button is needed to detonate. Doing 100 damage per c4.

ClingersClingers are grenades with plungers on the top to stick to any surface. Once it explodes after about 2.5 seconds, it does a lot of area damage to players near. It can only explode when stuck to any surface.

BushThe bush is a consumable item that can help you camouflage. It basically turns you into a bush, so you look like you are part of the game. This would be something you definitely want to use if you are trying to hide out in the open, yet not get noticed. GrenadeGrenades are just basic grenades that you can throw at people dealing damage or distraction.

MapThe Fortnite map is made up of 18 named locations and about 10 unnamed locations. Each location is unique in its own way and has multiple chest spawns around the area.Types of setsSets are released by the game makers to make the game more interesting.

They are made of skins, harvesting tools and gliders. These items have to be purchased but they are not needed to play the game. Below are names of different sets that have been released since the game’s inception:Arctic Command, Fort Knights, Fortnite Fever, Royale Hearts, Storm Fusion, Winter Ski, Green Clover, Space Explorers, Laoch, Storm Scavenger, Hired Gun, Black Vector, Sunshine and Rainbows, Volume 11, Stealth Syndicate, Pastel Patrol, Nevermore, Overclocked, Dino Guard, Pizza Pit, Neon Glow, Carbide, Advanced Forces, Valiant, Sweet Tooth, Aerosol Assassins, Omega, Solid Steel, Outbreak, Venture, Half Court, Jailbird, Flytrap, Goalbound, and many more others to come.


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