Health 6 kgs by doing some exercise

Health and wellness are basically same words but health is the mental/physical/emotional and social well being and wellness is having a balanced health which means a state of well-being. With my personal health and wellness plan, I want to improve my health and wellness by making decisions towards a more fulfilling life and, by having a happy and a comfortable life that encompasses mind, body and spirit. My personal plan would also help me cover different characteristics of life. Such as :Measurable goals:I have a plan to lose at least 6 kgs by doing some exercise or yoga daily after waking up in the morning for 15-30 minutes. Participating in different community programs which mainly includes educating and taking care of babies and toddlers.Elements of physical fitness & nutrition: My physical fitness goal -> I will do daily routine works in my home and my daily yoga to get improve in my physical fitness.My Nutrition goals -> Breakfast – light breakfast which doesn’t contain oil or a lot of fat.

Lunch – vegetables and riceEvening snack – oats and fibre cookies/biscuits Dinner – chapati and some vegetable curry Stress management:I watch national geographic channels which shows natural beauty and different countries which refreshes my mind. I also read interesting books and do prayers every day before going to bed.Financial management :Being financially managed is essential part of personal wellness. I will manage to pay my bills on time and do a little saving for my health and my family. Social needs: Social needs are the most important basic needs of human well-being.

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When social needs are not satisfied it can lead to physical and mental health problems. I will try helping others in my surroundings and in my community. I will try to make conversations with loners or people who needs help to make them feel better and comfortable. I will also try to give some good suggestions to people who wants to solve their problems and give love and care for people around me.Overall I hope my plan would help me to be balanced with my health and wellness.


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