Health admitted patient requires the implementation of the

Health assessment plays an important role to provide information about one’s health. Assessment is the first part of the nursing process and includes collection, verification, organization, interpretation, and documentation of data (Jarvis, 2016, p. 3). The assessment data reflects on the patient’s present health, past health, and family health. Every admitted patient requires the implementation of the health assessment to determine their health condition to enable diagnoses, decisions, and treatments and healthcare plans to determine what they need to do. As a lot of individuals require health care in one way or another, regardless if it’s for an illness or an inevitable situation.

Using nursing assessment ensures that comprehensive, holistic data are collected for each patient. It is necessary to understand the various aspects of a patient’s health and the related issues to it, for this will help pinpoint necessary information in the event one needs to undergo hospitalization or long-term care.

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