Health citizens who have increasing diagnoses in

Health Coverage and Prescription Drugs Canadian universal health care coverage lacks an important element for patient treatment options: prescription drugs.

Prescription drugs are important for each individual’s health; without prescribed drugs their health may worsen. Dr. Danielle Martin addresses her concerns that universal health care in Canada should be founded on need, not capacity to pay. Many patients across Canada are unable to access the best treatment of prescription drugs; they need to have their employer’s coverage or pay themselves. Many Canadians may have to refuse drug treatment since they do not have coverage; affordability of drugs does not take precedence over other incurred payments. Canadians need to seek out long-term employment to attain health coverage since it becomes costly to pay out of pocket for expensive drugs.

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Doctors need to invest in more drug research to improve each patient’s outcome on a cost-effective basis. Prescriptions vary in effectiveness and can be costly, which impacts the patient’s decision to take them; risking their health. Physicians also over prescribe medicine for the aging citizens who have increasing diagnoses in their health.

Doctors prescribing more effective medicine to deal with multiple problems can reduce costs. Health coverage needs to be offered outside of the workplace. Every year the cost rises, the employer insurance policies also raise, causing a circular motion. A public insurance plan would further benefit Canadians and their health, “filling in the gaps” for private insurance, which would be lower. If Canada had a public plan it would be able to further negotiate the price of drugs to a reasonable cost. Educating doctors about more medicine allows for more successful treatments and better patient outcomes.

Universal health care coverage in Canada should include prescription drugs. Canadian citizens would benefit by receiving the most effective medicine and this would allow them to save money without relying on their employer’s coverage. Universal healthcare coverage should be based on the needs of Canadians as health is more important than a capcity to pay.


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