Health includes physical health but also much

Health is all inclusive and that it is dynamic. Your health is different every time you measure it and you can’t measure all of it directly. It includes a spiritual core that expresses itself through behaviors and cannot be measured directly. Around the spiritual core, there are four categories of health indicators; emotional/mental, physical, social, interactive. These categories include everything and are impacted by everything to some degree. Nothing is exempt from having an impact on your health in some way to some degree. When you roll them all together, that’s your health profile. If you can function competently in your life, you are healthy.

Being healthy refers to being disease free, both mentally and physically. Some of the ways to be and stay healthy include exercising, eating nutritious food, avoiding foods that cause disease and reducing our body fat by maintaining proper weight, etc. Well-being, on the other hand is more all-surrounding. It involves various aspects of well-being specifically emotional, occupational, physical, social, spiritual, intellectual and environmental, (it includes physical health but also much more than that).

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