Hello years including this year, but i have

Hello Junior band and Senior band,I think an important part of being a band captain is RESPONSIBILITY, LEARNING, and RESPECT.Today i will be saying 5 reasons why i what to be band captain and why you should vote for me.Firstly, i know i’ve only been in st kierans band for two years including this year, but i have learnt so much in only 1 year and i think i can learn even more this year even if i do get band captain or don’t it will still be a really fun experience. Secondly, i love playing the trumpet and learning something new everytime i come to band it truly is an amazing experience for everyone that loves to play an instrument.

To make a band you need a conductor and people to play in it Without us and Mrs Hodges St Kieran’s band wouldn’t be a band It would be nothing Mrs Hodges has done so much for our band To make it the best band we could ever have And with all our commitment we can be The best band we could possibly be. Thirdly, ever since I heard about band I’ve always wanted to be band captain just seeing the previous band captains and how much they do for band makes me think why not give it a try Being a band captain means you have to have a lot of commitment towards the band they talk at band assemblies and performances and introduce the band and they also help out everyone is in the band including Mrs Hodges.Fourthly, you should vote for me because i am a great leader and i love helping people if they need help with anything, i am responsible and love speaking to big audiences. Most of you know me as being Crazy and funny and sometimes i take my craziness level to %120 but thats just because i like people smile laugh whether its at me or with me. But dont worry i am not always that crazy most of the time the level of craziness in me is probably %110. just kidding maybe around %60. But i dont take everything as a joke i can be very responsible a lot of the time.

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