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During the 1960s-1970s the conservative movement grew in population because people were migrating and the segregation of churches and allowed economic prosperity. These were some of the factors that contributed the conservative movement to the right. Ronald Reagan initiated programs like supply-side economics which relied on high interests rates to curb inflation and lower taxes but mostly for businesses and high income Americans (Foners 26, p.1062). The reason he initiated programs was because he wanted to build the American military and goal was to destroy enemy missles. Reagan implemented their economic policies and admistration reduced funding like food stamps, school lunches, and federal financing of low income housing. Women still had the right to abortion and women had the right to enter the labor force (Foner 26, p.1065). The religions right was very important because its involvement in politics. It helped fuel conser-right-wing politics (FonerVideo). Conservative religion groups became an important part of the conservative coalition since it produced the election of Reagan. The religous right does have a significant impact on our political environment today. They spread beliefs and share their religion till this day. Most of them in this group were more on the side of not taking the bible literally but liberal politically. The evangelical protestants which are the fundamentalist had catholics against abortion. It influenced the way americans should think. Same- sex marriage, abortion, drug use, and women rights still are part of America today.

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