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Here we will focus on the information security and communication, information which is no longer useful as a solution of multiple communication and way to handle by knowledge sharing.The team managing and executing the process will would include Information security, technology, and virtual project teams. Organization employees can handle security in new virtual environments as they have been in physical environments by understanding new tasks and working as a group.

Information Redundancy tells the copy of information that forms due to the access of multiple ways of communication, excess documentation, deficiency of proper communication and as a conclusion of proper security measures, organizations would like to imply sophisticated information on many servers as backup. Information security has issues which includes protection privacy; it also includes issues like knowledge transfer and training project team members in privacy and limited rights to check the personal identification details and automatically not accessible organization employees to tap into databases that hold important information.analysis: A virtual project team (VPT) elaborates a company’s details when there is need to tap on expertise located in various geographical locations / organizations. A virtual project management office elaborates the organization’s platform to collaborate with varied expertise, process assets etc.Virtual project management is process / system in which project team members who are not at the same physical location collaborate and synergize to work on the project to meet the objective / goal of the project ensuring the project budget, specifications and timelines are met.Virtual team not at the same physical location may mean that these are team members who are geographically and/ or organizationally dispersed. The idea of virtual project management would have also been a Lean idea when the cost involved in the traditional project management would have been studied.

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Virtual Project Management (VPM) may also thought of relevant pressures to reduce capital and headcount, the used to focus customer problems instantly, deliver services, develop products which offers to tap a more diverse pool of organization persons. It cuts down the travel time, technology set up cost and travel cost. Through varied options of virtual connection, these global project team members can be brought together across time, space through information and communication technologies.Virtualization and such platforms like cloud services offer immense benefits, including hardware consolidation, rapid provisioning and reduced infrastructure complexity. However, Virtualization also introduces security and compliance challenges that are not easily pointed with old-fashioned accountability management tools and technical procedures. By using internet for virtual projects there is chance of looking the data, documents and projects environments for competitors or hackers on internet.

There are employees in the company who work remote, and joins the meets where is a scope of data bleach by losing company’s information, employees’ information, data shared in the presentations.solution: There need to be proper security management who takes care of the firewall and encryption software to secure the data to flow outside the organization even when employees are remote. So, it’s the project manager’s responsibility to secure them within the corporate intranet.


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