Hi! Durham University and I’m really keen

Hi!My name’s Robbie. I’m a student at Durham University and I’m really keen to be part of your team this Summer. I would be a hard working member and have no qualms with pitching in for long hours in the cold and wet, flyer in hand. Especially as, growing up on the edge of one of Britain’s soggiest national parks, I’ve developed a sort of emotional water-resistance.I’m a very optimistic/chipper person and I love meeting any and everybody. Hopefully this, alongside a solid array of sales and public speaking experience, sets me up very well for this sort of work.

I am aware that the format of my “Curriculum Vitae” doesn’t exactly favour depth, in terms of my experience and motivations. If more detail would be helpful, I do have far more I can say. If you have any questions I would be very happy to email or Skype to embellish.I always used to be the class clown, so to spend a month at the heart of British comedy and actually get payed is an absolute dream.

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