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Hiding From The Reality Of Racism Canada is known to be a beautiful, peaceful, multicultural country without any racism, but is that true? Racism began in 1698 when people started to notice differences between themselves and other people around them and has been going on ever since. The common definition would be “by judging someone based on the colour of one’s skin or religion”. Even today racism still exists in Canada but many of us are unaware of it, thinking it’s no longer happening but really it’s happening everywhere; as the youth go to school at a young age, so does the racism. It continues when the Black are on the streets being carded and or having street checks. There is also racial profiling, where their being committed for offense because of their colour. Education is intended to be a place where socialization and opportunities are provided to develop youths minds and relationships, to help build their futures, but for many Black students the feeling of exclusion and pain cause emotional harm where their limited in the education system. In 2006 a survey was given and it was said that only 54 percent of Black youth students felt that they were supported by their teachers, where they often felt unwanted and unwelcome. Many Black students feel un encouraged to finish on a regular academic track because of the low expectations they received from their teachers who are unwilling to help them succeed in the path they want.

Education is one of the bedrocks of Canada’s society, Black families being among the poorest in Canada is due to the fact that their not being properly educated due to because of their color. In addition when being hired and have advancement practices the Black have a hard time finding jobs because of their improper education.These factors contribute to the fact in Quebec, continually misses the mark of its too low targets for racial diversity in educators, where students are mainly being taught from white instructors, and not having the positive Black role models around them. When in school Black children are not conceived of a children at all, they are treated as if they were a threat even far from their age,size,and physical capabilities. They remain unwelcome and are closely monitored by everything they do. The main part of racism in school is from the other children themselves because they were not taught the wrong from the right from their parents thinking its okay, making the Black youth feel unnecessary to many canadian public schools. Racial profiling, is something that is hard to prove thats going on, because many say its not and their just trying to do their jobs.

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Racial profiling is a form of racial stereotyping and discrimination which happens in our society; such as our law enforcement, the education system, and the criminal justice system, etc. Just in canada itself, there have been numerous studies which have been confirmed to have been treated different because of their different colour, race or religion. It is important to understand the difference between racial profiling and criminal profiling, which many don’t. Racial profiling is based “on stereotypical assumptions because of one’s race, colour, ethnicity, etc”(Ontario Human Rights Commission), where criminal profiling is different as it is when it “relies on actual behaviour or on information about suspected activity by someone who meets the description of a specific individual” (Ontario Human Rights Commission)


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