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Hill Country Snack Foods is a company that located in Austin, Texas. The company manufactured, marketed, and distributed a variety of snacks.

They also offered more traditional snack foods, that were purchased by end customers every day. The company’s growth and success was driven by its efficient operations, quality products, strong position in a region. There are many products of the company were sold through the school systems.so that, they can collect the feedback from customers thus can react to customer requirements or preferences. This will indirectly expand its product as required to succeed in the rapidly changing marketplace. They only invest in new capacity and new products if it has the attractive opportunities. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company that is Howard Keener who was managed the company for over fifteen years do not take any debt which is using zero debt financing and 100% equity finance strategy.

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The company believe that if they held large amounts of cash will increase the company safety and flexibility. This can be difficult for a company in a mature industry to perform better. From the analysts of Hill Country Snack Foods, the company believes that they can perform better if they took debt to finance and take a more aggressive capital structure.


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