His This study provides history on the Italian

His research was essential to understanding the phenomenon of the anarchist diaspora. More archival evidence dealing with the anarchists in London came from spies than law enforcement. This study provides history on the Italian police force. This is because of the research of done linking the ministry of interior, the Italian foreign office and the relationships with foreign police.

The movement of anarchists to London began acting as an international network system after emigrants create colonies. England was different than the rest of Europe at this time and therefor was able to serve as the central point for this movement became of liberal asylums. The British did not have any legislation for refugees. In the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s all immigrants, refugees or not, would be allowed access to the United Kingdom. Other countries changed their policies from once sheltering these people to no longer due to fear of anarchist danger. Di Paola is speaking on the relationship between intelligence service monitoring the Italian anarchists in foreign countries and diplomatic issues. Di Paola is explaining that the diplomat’s disagreements lead to an investigation on the Italian anarchist.

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He came to this conclusion because there was little to no input from foreign law enforcement, creating the complaints from diplomats. This along with other minor problems created the “International Police”.


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