History voting against the NHS. (Triggle, 25

HistorySocial policy are to prompt social wellbeing. It is not about state legislation, but about what the government does to support and interfere with the wellbeing of citizens. Policies can be regards as embodying ideas about society, economy and views about justice and equality.

Social policy, also as a whole looks at the rules and procedures made by the government to keep the public best interest at heart. (Alcock, 10/9/2007 5:08:13 P)One of the things social policy focused on was healthcare. In the early years 1942 a report titled ‘Social Insurance and Allied services,’ was written by William Beveridge, who highlighting problems in society. Ever since then, social policy have been emended and reforms, made by each political party running in their time. Healthcare is self has a huge impact on its patients as well as its service providers. William Beveridge report was about how to tackle poverty. (Armstrong, Tue 10 Oct 2017 ). Those Five Gaint’s were referred to reforming and extending social security system, Disease- creation of a new National Health Service, Ignorance- introduction of educational reforms, Squalor- programme to improve living conditions, in particular adequate housing and last but least was idleness- promotion of economic policies that would ensure high and stable levels of employment as the main problem facing post war society.

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(Armstrong, Tue 10 Oct 2017 )Before the NHS, the 2700 hospitals were either run by charities or local authorities. Only those in employment were entitled to free treatment, (Triggle, 25 June 2008). Before NHS, many of the doctors shared a conservation and reluctant about the ideology about the new Act. They believed if the government run health service will take away the individuality of their profession and make them puppets of the state and the conservation party also shared the views, so the British medical association started a survey voting against the NHS.

(Triggle, 25 June 2008)Conservation politician’s party believe in social hierarchy and believed social inequality to be in possible. The labour party adopted a collectivist way of thinking to focus more on those who were disadvantaged and devised way to improve those life’s, which resulted in the introduction of the NHS in 1948. On the 5th July 1948 the NHS was introduced and resulted in free healthcare for UK Citizens.

In addition it create a mass amount of jobs in the healthcare sector. The Election of Celement Atlee in 195 proved to be beneficial and resulted in 200 Acts being passed from 1945 to 1948 as well as the NHS Act.In The 90’SLater in 1979 Margaret Thatcher led the conservation party into power. The conservation part shared right wing, neoliberal idea about the way things were being run. As an individual ideology neo liberalism was very much pro market and against public provision and involvement of the state.

Thatcher and conservation believed that collectivism and free welfare service encouraged lazy people to become dependent on the government. She made changes to the welfare system, and health care system. Which meant ‘The richer were richer and the poor got even poor like the legacy of Churchill. She pushed for breakup of welfare state despite NHS pledge, (Fri 25 Nov 2016 00.01 GMT).

Today NHS ApproachToday’s approach to NHS services is significantly different from Beverige report 1942, nor is the government like Clement Atlee’s labour party. This is because his report was produced in the war time. Know things have changed, since then. His report reflected a society where generally men worked and married women didn’t, where lone parents were largely only widows. Where you could expect to work for one company, in one place, full-time for many decades. None of that applies today. The common man, and woman, know a day’s demand more.

Regardless of the changes, the government policy still cater for the “five wants,’ but know we have more need.


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