“Holding didn’t burn is forgivenessForgiveness is a

“Holding onto Rocks and Other Things”I used to collect rocksBut not in the way you thinkEverytime I thought someone wronged me, I would add a rock to my collectionBecause if I couldn’t actually throw a rock at them,The next best thing was to put one in a bag?Time and time again, I would add rocks to my growing bag of heavy hateAnd for a while, I held on, refusing to drop the bag Long after it left everyone else’s mindI still held an iron grip on that bag of rocksBut as I tried to move on with my lifeIt seemed like around every corner the bag of rocks caused me to tripI talked to new people, only to drop the bag on their feetI climbed mountains, only for the rocks to cause me to fallI realized although I always wanted an eye for an eyeIn the end, I was the only one blindBlind to the fact that I was strapping an 1000 pound weight to my chest and expecting them to acheI inhaled poisonous gas because I wanted them to chokeIt’s not even a double sided sword, its a normal sword that I stabbed myself with to make them bleedI was the only person that had to carry those damn rocksI had to let go of my rocks and resentmentOr I was doomed to live a life of pure discontentmentSo my solution was to build a bridgeBut it’s not enough to just build a bridgeYou have be able to step on it without the bag of rocks causing you to fall throughYou have to be able to drop the bag of rocks on the river bankYou have to be able to forget the feeling of the bag in your handForget the feeling of the bag dragging your arm down and taking the rest of you with itThen you have to walk acrossAnd the reward on the other side of the bridge you didn’t burn is forgivenessForgiveness is a two way street that ends in peaceIt’s that gift you gave your friend because they’ll love it but you also love it and you plan on borrowing itIt’s something that everyone values and sharesIts a bag that’s filled with nothing but air


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